The Importance of the Right Photographer on your Wedding Day

A marriage is an emotional affair and you would definitely love to hold to those emotional moments for a lifetime, especially through the pages of your wedding album. Yes, it’s your wedding photographs that would enable you to relive those special moments after decades of that exclusive ceremony when you entered into a new phase in your life. So, when you are busy planning for the event, one of the major items in the priority list should be the wedding photographer. If you are still wondering about the importance of the right photographer for this special event, Katie Jones from Orla James is sure these reasons will convince you.

Holding time against time

Sounds odd, right? Well, take the case of your wedding day. All the guests who would attend the wedding would enjoy the venue, the food and the ceremony as a whole. They would remember both the bride and the groom’s dress, and also whether the couple looked happy.

While others enjoy, for you everything perhaps takes the shape of a vague yet wonderful dream and time seems fleeting. That’s why you need the right photographer who would preserve those dream-like moments, so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Rendering awesome results

When you hire the right professional photographer, you get good return on investment. If you think about it from the technical point of view, your wedding photographs or in other words your wedding memories are in fact a product that you buy from the photographer (no hard feelings meant!). But it’s not like any other common product, because you cannot exchange it if anything goes wrong. By the time you discover anything wrong in your wedding photograph, time has already passed away and the wedding ceremony is over.

Hiring the right photographer, that is who has professional experience in wedding photography will create a remarkable difference. The person will try his level best to deliver awesome results because it’s his job.

Managing the poses

Although posing seems natural, it might not always be the case when it comes to wedding photography. Any pose won’t do to create that perfect picture, and most couples do not have the ‘technical knowledge’ about posing. The right photographer, who is experienced in capturing special wedding moments, will know which pose will fit, and also arrange the angles and lighting accordingly. You must consider the fact that poses vary from person to person, and what looks brilliant on one may not suit another. You may not know this, but your wedding photographer must!

Overcoming the stress

Wedding photography is not something casual, but a profession to be taken seriously. On the wedding day, taking the most professional yet memorable photograph involves considerable amount of stress.

A lot of variables might be involved, and the photographer should be prepared to face all these situations, and accordingly make last minute adjustments. In fact, the wedding day is one of the fastest moving days and the photographer must be capable of handling such things. For instance, he should know how to adjust with quick shots, fast changing light, and so on. Only an experienced and skilled photographer can get through all this and come out with flying colors.

Taking work off your shoulders

Some couples tend to hand over the responsibility of photography to their friends, relatives or acquaintances. These people might emotionally connect themselves with the event but they will not know what shots to take to make a memorable wedding album.

The right photographer will have a list of shots ready and will guide the bride and the groom accordingly. Since he has experience in this field, he will know the moments that are most important for the couple, and would capture perfect shots.

Not letting you miss moments

When browsing through the photo album after the wedding event, many couples are often amazed at the subtle moments that have been captured in the album. This may be emotional, funny or weird moments. If you look into those memorable photos years after your wedding, they may seem quite casual, but actually, taking those snaps is not every photographer’s cup of tea. There are high chances that a layman will miss those seemingly casual moments, which once missed, are lost forever, without your knowledge. The friends teasing the couple, the bride’s parents sharing some emotional moments with the bride, the personal moments just before the wedding kiss- you simply can’t afford to miss all these.

As you plan your big day, make sure to offer the responsibility of photography to practiced hands. Let your story be preserved for decades to come!


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