of calming - in order to meditation, sitting in lotus position with eyes closed joy does not need to. Some people, as in heaven, the other - the mountain, someone - sea views, and someone - Fire candle, joy inspire beautiful flowers forest and the sound of leaves in you get - it is, this will depend on the consecration elements the man at his birth in a particular constellation. This is an ancient sage, magician, astrology, is one of the greatest discovery of the check these guys norxs out West and the East. Fire, water, wood, earth and air - space, there are five elements in the universe. And all the people, we are inclined to one of them, which is a feature of (European or Oriental astrology) of his constellation and birth year. For example, a native people in the dog (fire element) per month (Taurus - a rare element earth) people, the great peace of experience tranquility of being in the woods, and at home - up from meditation fire and candles.

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