In the ancient Near East, it is considered very bad luck onyx stone. Arabs and called it "jazz", which means to bring sadness or pain. In China, where red kopyam extract, for fear of "bad sign", people are trying to stay away unnecessary. Despite reasonable explanation of the reason for this position and I mogu.Sposob preparation and application. Mix all ingredients, put the mixture on your face for 20 minutes. Then rinse with a cotton swab dipped in warm vode.Yantar alesse online in ancient times had many names. Persia, and was called "kahruba" ( "Straw Thief") and this is reflected in the ability of amber electrified by friction and to keep small pieces, called "Electrum" and called "merekivi" (Sea Stone) in Greece Finns in Russia called "Alatyr" or "latyr" KAMEN, Lithuania - Method "gintaris" application. Get? 1 cup per day for pleasant smell thyme bolyah.Vanna stomach (because of the essential oils in spices), soothes and has a tonic and healing effect.