Tips for Running a Blog While Studying

Blogs are great. So much of what your read on the internet now is information from a blog. With sites like WordPress out there, it’s never been easier. Whether you want a basic free blog, or you want to go self-hosted, giving you much greater control and more options to monetize, it couldn’t be easier…

How to Create Buzz around Your Company’s Blog

“How can we get people excited about the content we publish on our blog?”

It’s a question every marketing manager and entrepreneur has asked themselves at least once. Why? Because marketing ultimately is about making an impression – the more people you can reach, the better. So how can you grow your readership? We could lie and say that it’s easy, but the truth is that growing your audience will take hard work and commitment. However, finding an audience doesn’t have to be burdensome either. By following tried-and-true strategies, you may just find that you can create the buzz you need without having to break the bank (or your back).

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Designing a Health Blog

If you are a healthcare professional, or maybe just a health nut who loves to share tips about healthy living, you may have considered writing a blog about health, but you might not know how to get started. People are generally very concerned with finding interesting and up to date information about healthcare, so a blog is a great idea. But it needs to look great and function well in order for it to be widely read. To get started on your own health care blog, you should consider some of these tips to make your web design look great and work great.