Why You Should be Using Web Hosting Reviews

Online reviews have become increasingly popular, as consumers look to their peers for recommendations for purchases of all sizes. From buying a book on eBay to buying a new car, before making that final decision the buyer will more often than not spend time to read reviews. Reviews are used across a wide range of…

6 Huge Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid

So you want to set up a new website for your business but you’re stuck at one of the first hurdles – which hosting provider select. A great web host will enable you to impress website visitors and turn them into paying customers, a bad web host could leave visitors totally frustrated with your website.…

6 Unique Techniques to Make the Most of E-mail Marketing

We are aware how important newsletters can be in the promotion of a site. With a proper marketing process, you can leverage emails to bring you the reach you want for your business. However, in the absence of a subscribers’ list, you cannot make full use of emails. In such circumstances, you need to ensure the presence of a list of subscribers, worth sending your newsletters to. In this article, we are going to take a look at the various means, by which you can create an effective subscribers’ list.

Domain Names Sold for Big Money in the Past

Part of operating a successful business is owning a domain name that works with the products you sell. When you click on a URL like Nike or Coca-Cola, you expect to view sites owned by the company of the same name. Some online businesses fail simply because the owners chose names that were too complicated, too long or featured too many numbers and letters. A simple name or a catchy name that shoppers will remember is usually best. When you buy a domain name, consider your purchase as an investment. You never know when a company might offer you big bucks to take ownership of that site. Just check out some of the domain names that sold for big money in the past.