It is based on the patient\'s letter, which I had read in a medical journal. Woman to write at the age of 35, he had suddenly begun pains in the knee joint. The diagnosis of inflammation (arthritis) and addressed to antibiotic therapy (injections, ointments), including diclofenac. The patient feel better for a while, but in the later recurring symptoms. He was again in second gear, and then it was repeated on a regular basis over the next 10 years. Improve the situation then deteriorated estrace cream without prescription pharmacy again, but the whole satisfactory, also revealed serious problems in the liver and kidneys taken place for 10 years. Active liver tissue found in the compound decadent severely impaired renal function, and even the number of tumors in the kidney and liver in the form of cysts. Arthritis is not completely defeated, and finally converted to arthritis. The vital organs in the body as a result of long-term treatment with a strong preparatami.2) Part 1 "cone" hit 7 days 5 parts made vodka, MA.