11 tools and services that will manage to improve upon your Twitter experience

Twitter is a popular social media platform which is known to keep things brief. This micro blogging service limits its user to use only 140 characters per post. However, the market for Twitter applications and services is not limited; you can find countless of them meant to make things better for you over this platform. Most of them are desktop applications which are aimed to organize your social media life or help you in managing the search engine thus pulling all the tweets which you look ahead to read. The below is the list of top 11 apps and services which are meant to enhance your Twitter experience.

Tips to Optimize Your Website for SEO & Social Media

Without search engine traffic, most sites would be invisible. According to Search Engine Land, nearly two-thirds of all web page traffic comes from search engines. In fact, the top result for most search engine queries gets about a third of all clicks. To get readers’ eyes on your website, your content needs quality on-site SEO. Here are some tips for optimizing your content while still keeping it useful and engaging for readers.