How Students Can Make Money from Blogging

For many students, finding the perfect job to support themselves financially throughout their college journey can often be tricky. As a student, being unable to find a position which provides you with flexible hours and good support for your academic goals can make the college experience unnecessarily stressful. For many students, turning to family for…

Mobile Payments Then and Now

Payment processor, notes the evolution of mobile payments in their latest Evolution of Mobile Payments inforgraphic. Currently, about 40% of North Americans have used some form of mobile payment. On the global scale, Asia has over 100 million mobile payment users and Africa makes up 52% of the world’s mobile money transactions. It is projected that in 2016, there will be approximately 447.9 million mobile payment users worldwide.

Making Money with Wedding Photo Booths

The popularity of wedding photo booths keeps on increasing as more and more people realise the associated benefits. Can you think of another alternative that offers such entertainment without costing much? For entrepreneurs this signifies a chance to go for a minimal risk business venture that provides big returns. This has emerged as a great opportunity for those who want to attain success without much start-up funds.