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Web Hosting Made Simple

If you’re not a technical, web-savvy kind of person, you might not have heard about the concept of web hosting. Or you may have heard the term but don’t actually understand what a web host is. Let me tell you, you really are not alone here; web hosting is the one bit about setting up…

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

The year 2016 is coming to an end and digital marketers are already assessing how current trends can propel their businesses into success to the next year. Some of the trends mentioned above are similar to the year before but they have had a significant upgrade this year. The rest are new and are making…

How to Get the Whole Company to Embrace Social Media

Even with helpful tools and websites for managing company social media presence like for Instagram, there will likely still be a need for employee participation in social media campaigns. While the use of social media as a marketing platform is more widely accepted today, some employees might not be too interested in participating in Instagram marketing or Facebook promotions. How exactly can one change this?

11 tools and services that will manage to improve upon your Twitter experience

Twitter is a popular social media platform which is known to keep things brief. This micro blogging service limits its user to use only 140 characters per post. However, the market for Twitter applications and services is not limited; you can find countless of them meant to make things better for you over this platform. Most of them are desktop applications which are aimed to organize your social media life or help you in managing the search engine thus pulling all the tweets which you look ahead to read. The below is the list of top 11 apps and services which are meant to enhance your Twitter experience.

Seven Ways Your Brand can Get Ahead in 2016 with Mobile Marketing

Strategies change every year. This year, consumer connectivity is prominent, and mobile users are prioritizing in-depth brand relationships to share content, spread company awareness, create blog posts and spread viral videos. 2016 is well-connected, and its consumers are, too. In any industry, it’s important to know the trends. Trends drive popular business culture, and they influence massive consumer segments. Check out the following seven ways your brand can harness the biggest mobile marketing changes in 2016:

Great Ideas for Teen Start-Ups

It’s a tough old world out there right now and it’s hard for families, even dual-income families, to provide spending money for their children. Teenagers find it hard to get jobs to help them through college and this lack of employment has an impact on their CVs during and after education. The lack of work experience – even if it’s just a Saturday spent bagging groceries – is a disadvantage, as kids don’t gather the life skills they’ll need when they enter the adult workplace.

Role of Good Design in Achieving Business Goals

As a designer, you must be aware with the significance of visually appealing websites. But, it is much more than that. Good design has something to do more than just looking good; it serves to be an effective tool for branding and marketing a particular brand that actually results into productive outcomes.

In this article, we will discuss some good reasons why good design matters to a great extent when it comes to marketing. Apart from marketing, a quality design also matters for communicating the ideas and messages beautifully.

Tips to Optimize Your Website for SEO & Social Media

Without search engine traffic, most sites would be invisible. According to Search Engine Land, nearly two-thirds of all web page traffic comes from search engines. In fact, the top result for most search engine queries gets about a third of all clicks. To get readers’ eyes on your website, your content needs quality on-site SEO. Here are some tips for optimizing your content while still keeping it useful and engaging for readers.

Top Web Developers to Follow on Twitter

It’s possible to use Twitter to stay up to date with various web development trends; doing so can mean that you can learn about new software and design tips, while also staying connected to a large community of other developers and designers. The best web developers on Twitter are also notable for being prolific posters, and for retweeting the best articles and tutorials from around the Internet. Moreover, some are just entertaining, even when they’re not tweeting about their work. With these factors in mind, who are some of the best web developers to follow on Twitter?