Great Ideas for Teen Start-Ups

It’s a tough old world out there right now and it’s hard for families, even dual-income families, to provide spending money for their children. Teenagers find it hard to get jobs to help them through college and this lack of employment has an impact on their CVs during and after education. The lack of work experience – even if it’s just a Saturday spent bagging groceries – is a disadvantage, as kids don’t gather the life skills they’ll need when they enter the adult workplace.

Top 10 tech concepts you should have learnt

With the influx of technology in almost every sphere of our lives, most of us claim to be techno savvy. We text messages in the blink of an eye, use Bluetooth while driving, and debug programs in a jiffy. However, many of us may not have a clear concept about each and every ‘bit and byte’ of the tech world.