Tips to Optimize Your Website for SEO & Social Media

Without search engine traffic, most sites would be invisible. According to Search Engine Land, nearly two-thirds of all web page traffic comes from search engines. In fact, the top result for most search engine queries gets about a third of all clicks. To get readers’ eyes on your website, your content needs quality on-site SEO. Here are some tips for optimizing your content while still keeping it useful and engaging for readers.

4 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your Landing Page

Have you decided that your business doesn’t need a full website and that a landing page will suffice? Or maybe you have a comprehensive website, but need a landing page to serve as a home base for a specific campaign. Either way, working with limited space, less than what’s available on a traditional website can be tough—but it doesn’t have to restrict you. Your options for a complete (and completely functional) landing page are nearly endless.