4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Save Business Money

There’s always a conference somewhere that would be great to go to or send your employees. These conferences have immense benefits and are usually inexpensive, if only you could disregard the whole-travel-expenses thing. But that’s a big ‘if’, isn’t it? Flying across the states or even continents for a one-day conference sometimes just isn’t worth…

Good Design Makes For Great Videos

Design is one of those disciplines that has a place in many different areas – and it should come as no surprise that videos number among them. If you think about it and consider the fact that videos are by nature a medium that appeals on your visual senses it should be easy to see how design has a role to play.

Review – LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2

LaCie is a French based company, which is the leading manufacturer of the various hardware products used in computers. The company specializes in producing high capacity external hard drives, flash drives, optical disks, etc. Over the years, the company has developed various high-end products with capacity up to several terabytes.

The Best Business Vines From August

Marketers have yet another social media tool at their disposal. Vine, a new app from Twitter, enables business to connect with its followers through 6.5-second video clips which loop over and over. Vine is most known for videos both humorous and ridiculous, but businesses have caught on to turn these short snippets into brand builders. Whether you manage a large marketing budget or a small business, Vine can help you connect with followers in a relevant way. Here are some of our favorite business Vine clips from August.