4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Save Business Money

There’s always a conference somewhere that would be great to go to or send your employees. These conferences have immense benefits and are usually inexpensive, if only you could disregard the whole-travel-expenses thing. But that’s a big ‘if’, isn’t it? Flying across the states or even continents for a one-day conference sometimes just isn’t worth all that trouble. Or, maybe you have several branch offices around the globe and have to travel on a weekly basis. Oh, how you wish you could be many places at once. You realize that this is no longer the most efficient way to run your business. Do you have any of these predicaments? Well, fret no more because there is a solution to your problems and it’s called videoconferencing technology. Whenever there’s a terrific online conference or a sudden need arises for a meeting with one or several of your international executives, you’ll be able to attend it from your cozy office. It can be so easy, just a click away. Incredulous? Then read about these 4 ways how video conferencing and see for yourself.

Go Green

If you’re not traveling as much you’re not just saving money and time, you’re also saving something far more important – planet Earth. Unfortunately, the planet’s getting more polluted by the second. Pitch in by reducing emissions from vehicles. And you’ll not only be contributing to air pollution reduction, but you also won’t be carrying a load of printed brochures back home which will be eventually end up in trash anyway. Video conferences offer downloadable brochures which you can be stored on your computer and accessed to whenever there’s need for it. Much more practical and eco-friendly, wouldn’t you agree?

Tête-à-tête Communication

The days of conference call meetings, when everybody sat around a phone in the middle of the table is long gone. So much is conveyed through non-verbal communication and if you can’t see the people you’re talking to, a big part of the message gets lost. Experts say that up to 55% of total communication is expressed through body language. Therefore, why not take advantage of this and read the signs whenever you can, instead of just guessing. With videoconferencing you’ll be able to observe body language and facial expressions, instead of just trying to deduce the non-verbal message from a person’s voice. Videoconferencing can increase employees’ involvement and attention. What is more, this technology enables recording and storing of videos, so don’t worry about missing something during a meeting. You’ll always be able to access it.

Adios Travel Costs!

Investing in video conferencing tools, in due course, will save you a lot of bucks. It does not matter if it’s only to go to your other office downtown or to a meeting with one of your clients on another continent. You will no longer have to set aside large amounts of money to finance a conference trip to Paris or meet with your executives in Tokyo. “The newest technology in video conferencing offers practically limitless options. For instance, you’re closing a major business deal, and all you need to do is agree on some minor details and handshake” – Chispa magazine officials share their experience. Why travel and lose precious time and money, when this can be so easily done from your office. Just set it up with video conferencing tech and manage your business from your chair. Even if you’re not a conglomerate, this gear is great for small enterprises too, especially when it comes to attending conferences which can be scattered all over the world. This way, you only pay the fee and tune in.

Boost Efficiency

Getting video conferencing gear would boost business efficiency, there’s no doubt about it. It will enable you to connect to a multitude of clients in an instant. It can help you get to know better both your employees as well as your clients. Via video you can get in touch with clients in real time, which also brings about clients’ loyalty. Moreover, employees like telecommuting because they find it valuable, especially when it comes to those who were relocated. Video conferencing solutions can help expand your business, be it nationally or even internationally. If you want to form new business connections, maintain existing ones, or get more clients then video collaboration is the next step for your business.

Final Remarks

Give your business a real chance of survival by investing in videoconferencing. Don’t waste any more time and money. Have your employees and clients in front of you at any time. Take your enterprise to the 21st century.

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