9 Ideas For Increasing Traffic To Your Website

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Keeping the traffic to your site up is a constant battle. People whose business is mainly done online know just how difficult this is and crucial at the same time. That’s why they need to resort to various strategies and small tricks in order to attract new visitors with their offer and keep the old ones with fresh and interesting content. If you have an online business, here are a few ideas on how to boost up your traffic.

1. Advertising

Yes, this is a pretty obvious possibility. All of those types of advertising – on social media, display advertising, and paid advertising – all of them can really attract attention to your brand and the visitors, so you should have a go at it. But the advertising should be for the sake of growing your business, not the traffic per se. Well-designed display ads are a cool option – banners that are supposed to be clicked on are best if put on a site with high traffic.

2. Collaborating with others

Influencers are people who target audience is prone to believe. That’s why it’s smart to work and to collaborate with them in any way you can. The influencer has to be from the same niche as you and it’s important to maintain a good relationship with him/her and put that relationship in a good use whenever an opportunity occurs.

Another form of collaboration is creating a community, such as an online forum for your customers, where they can discuss the products or services and give you valuable feedback. Just bear in mind – it can be time-consuming.

3. Writing and accepting posts

Find sites in the same niche as your business and write for them. In this way, you can direct traffic to your site – if the target audience on these sites is the same as yours, you can easily attract them to visit your site. And one more thing to do – you should create content that helps to boost your traffic.

On the other side, you should allow others to write for your site, as well. You can achieve the same effect as with useful guest blogging. It creates easy access to your potential customers and is definitely an SEO strategy.

4. Creating Pinterest board

Pinterest is hot right now, having a great potential to direct a lot of traffic to a site. So, consider creating Pinterest boards after researching appropriate keywords for your website and including them in the boards.

5. Optimizing your site

SEO optimization is a necessity. Make your website look good and have high-quality content for the search engines. SEO Sidney based experts recommendation is to use software such as Ahrefs or SEMrush for excellent back linking and reliable SEO audit. Either one of them will definitely boost up the traffic with their applications.

6. Automating the emails

Marketing automation isn’t very popular, which is a shame. You should take a look at cheaper marketing automation platforms such as Autopilot or Hatchbuck. The next step is to have ready and set email campaigns, for example, when someone fills out a form or signs up for receiving a newsletter. It’s not that scary if you invest time in researching it.

7. Hosting a webinar

Whatever your business is, you definitely have enough knowledge and/or experience to give a talk or a short presentation to your customers. Choose a topic that would engage the customers and prepare an interesting presentation about it.

8. Forming a podcast

A podcast is an alternative to webinars, in case you aren’t sure that presentations are the best option. The trick is to be persistent with promoting your podcastand in time your episodes will attract more and more listeners. Guests are also a great addition to it, especially someone popular or respected.

9. Forming partnership

Each niche offers the opportunity to find somebody who is in the same business and who would have benefits from you as much as you would from them. Partnerships are not only a way of promoting yourself and boosting traffic, but also a source of useful suggestions and professional assistance.

General advice

Online business demands constant involvement and research. These ideas are just some of the possibilities for increasing traffic to a website. Put them to a good use, but be sure also try out something else.

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