Facts about mobile phones

Imagining our lives without technology and all those useful gadgets is almost impossible! It’s more than obvious that technology is making our lives easier, but we are also developing a strong addiction to these electronic helpers.

Most common gadget that we use on daily basis is, of course, our mobile phone. We use it to stay connected with our loved ones, to make calls, send messages, take pictures of our meals and selfies. It’s funny how this tiny thing can hold so much important information.

I recently found this colorful infographic that shows 35 most interesting facts about mobile phones – from the first ever smartphone, that was called Simon to some really disturbing statistics:

  • Over 60% of people on the planet is in possession of a mobile phone

  • 95% of adults always keeps their phone in the arms reach

  • There is currently around 4 billion people that have mobile phones; only in China there is over 1 billion active mobile subscribers

  • 33% of mobile phone owners either loose or break their phone

If you are intrigued by this information, check out the following graphic and learn some more facts. You never know when you might need it.

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