Key Technology Apps That Have Changed The Way The World Works

The prevalence of modern technology is rapidly altering the way that people do things. Communication, travel, business, and even shopping are experiencing major changes in the way they are carried out. There are certain mobile phone apps that are playing a significant role in these transformations.


This well-known app has had a dynamic impact on the face of transportation. Being able to call a private car (or motorbike in certain countries) to your location with a click of a button, while paying automatically without handling cash, has made for an effective system that has hooked users all over the globe. Available in over 80 countries and 600+ cities, the app is expanding its territory at an exponential rate.

A flexible schedule makes working as an Uber driver highly appealing. There is no set schedule, allowing people to work any time they wish. This is highly appealing for people trying to structure their work hours around family and study demands. The ability to be your own boss is also an enticing factor.


One of the leading social apps, Whatsapp is seeking to move past traditional text messages and phone calls. Everything can now be done via the net, including messages, calls, group chats, and sending multimedia. Compatibility with phones, tablets, and computers make it easy to connect no matter where you are and what you are doing.


This app is creating amazing accommodation options worldwide. Never has it been easier to find the perfect location to stay. Hosts rent out all kinds of accommodations, including single rooms, entire houses, and skyrise apartments. Depending on the city or town, Airbnb can be much cheaper than hotel rooms, as well as providing a lot more space, and a personal touch.

The app currently operates throughout 190+ countries, so matter what city you are traveling to, there is likely to be a range of options available. With its popularity and continued expansion, the app may end up overshadowing the traditional hotel industry.


This technology has helped organize and motivate people’s fitness worldwide. The app encompasses fitness, health, and nutrition through a broad range of functions. For example, if you are going for a run, then Fitbit can track your route, calculate your steps, speed, and calories burned. It can also notify you of how much you have improved. You can also use its social functions to share the workout information with friends.

Another highly useful function is its hydration and food log. You can record your dietary intake anywhere, anytime, with a few clicks. A barcode scanner can also be used to make the process even easier. Comparisons can be made from week to week, to show if you are on track to meet your dietary and hydration goals.


Kindle may one day make physical books and libraries obsolete. The ease which one can shop, purchase, and read books on their computer, phone, tablet, or all three, are causing users to ditch the paper version.

The app is also making it incredibly easy for writers to publish books. The Kindle store makes this straightforward by handling the sales and marketing of the completed works. Gone are the days of having to go to a publisher, get approval, have copies printed, and market them. This can all be done via the internet in a fraction of the time.

Samsung Pay

You no longer need to carry your wallet around because of the Samsung pay app for Android. This technology allows your phone to mimic a credit or debit card.

Samsung pay is compatible with a variety of checkout devices, card readers, and point-of-sale technology. Retailers do not need to participate in the program either, for the app to work. This has made it the most widely accepted form of walletless payment globally. However, the technology still has a way to go with many users experiencing frustrations with its operation. Regardless, with some more development and fine tuning, it may completely replace cash and card transactions.

Continuous Change

Over the last few years, these apps have rapidly altered the landscape of many industries. Change is set to continue well into the future. Remain should be vigilant, in fully utilizing the benefits of the latest technology apps, so that you do not get stuck in the past.

Joanna Sommer

Joanna Sommer is the Senior Editor for Informed Mag and is passionate about security and tech. She has been working in the home safety and security field for 5 years. Joanna loves to travel and enjoys going to hot yoga and Barre classes. She is dedicated to creating articles that both educate and help people make an informed purchasing decision.

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