Technology has changed Human Lives, How much?

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Technology has never been more powerful and influential than it is today. Most of the people find themselves in a complex situation where they consider like they cannot be present without the existence of technology.

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Okay, let’s ask us, how many of us have a work colleague or a teenage child who appear on the edge of a nervous breakdown whenever they recognize they need to spend some time without their iPhone? Is that so? By Throwing the tablet devices into the mix and pair it with the almost our regular sleeping blanket 24/7 and 365 days of the year with internet coverage that we really appreciate and enjoy, and we start to understand just how vital technology is, and why people are so dependent upon it.

Technology Makes Us More Productive:

Without zero error and mistakes; at some point, many people look at the technology and create a negative perception about it, there are some significant ways where technology actually play some negative roles but not always and everywhere. What often permits us by without discussion is the ways in which we can use technology as characters or individuals at workplaces.

The growing use of cloud storage software is perhaps the best example of mass productivity, created by human, predominantly in terms of staffs who can work at home, or those who work in the active field or in the companies. Consider about an employee who works in customer sales. Instead of tapping through an untidy looking folder, they can now access all their commercial papers on a tablet or smartphone.

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The critical point here is that workers will become more self-assured, sanctioned by the faith they have in their technology. Whether they are accountable for safeguarding high-value sales or sending basic follow up emails, technology authorizes and makes people more creative and productive.

Does Technology Make Us Unhappy?

There are many studies that have analyzed that some of the psychological impacts of social media activities like unfriending someone on Facebook or on any other platform, Think about how people are made to feel by the number of likes they accept or other social shares, and it befits clear that technology does certainly make us unhappy sometimes.

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However, this again has to be connected with the conducts people use social media and other technology, as well as to the circumstance we now live in more of an immediate satisfaction society than ever before. New Technology has immersed the new generations and only throws the expression of unhappiness when people think it has now the most vital part of their lives or the way people think about it.

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