Why Wireframing is Important in Web Design

Web designing is a process that demands a lot of skill and proficiency. Before beginning the designing process it becomes necessary to have a well-defined structure where you can implement all your innovative thoughts. Having a set design plan will act as a foundation for building any website. Another important term which pops up during the web development process is ‘Wireframing’.

Wireframes are basically layouts that outline a particular size and the placing of page elements, conversion areas, site features and the navigation of your website. They are exclusive of any color, font or any kind of design elements. They act as a blueprint which is necessary for any design process.

Below mentioned points will throw a light on the importance of wireframing in Web Design.

Showcasing Information Hierarchy

Wireframes will enable you to have a conclusive visual process for any project. Any web design project will include a bundle of features and content that are to be included in the website design. During the creation of wireframes, a visual hierarchy is created by the designer by using the elements that are to be included on the page. Wireframes are much better than sitemaps that can sometimes be really abstract. They are also of a great help to clients as it enables them to decide on the elements that are significant than the others.

Defining the Features of a Website

There is a wide range of features that a designer has in his mind when he begins a web design project. Wireframing will enable a designer to shortlist the features and functionalities that are required on any web page. This is also helpful for the clients as they are able to pinpoint any of the specific features that they want to be included on their website. In some cases, a client, may not be able to understand a particular kind of feature just by its name. Creating wireframes will help the clients to better understand any features and develop an effective communication between the designers and the clients.

Designing the Layout

After deciding on the information that is relevant to your website, you can now decide what all features and content must be included on the individual pages of your website. This will enable you to shift your focus from the designing aspect and think about how you can make your website feature packed. Sometimes focusing too much on the design part will neglect the functionality and the user experience that a website imparts to the end users. It is very important to design a layout that is attractive and attracts more and more visitors on your website.

Conserving Your Time

Wireframing a project will enable you to save a lot of your precious time. Initially, defining the wireframes may consume some of your time. However, in the long run, you will end up saving a lot of your time. Changing the complete layout of a wireframe has always been easier than changing the layout of a website. All your designs will be more calculated and your development team will have a clear understanding of what they are building. There will be a clear idea of what content is to be created. A designer can also convert a wireframe into a full-fledged design concept.

Keep User Experience in Mind

The structure, design and function of a website are among the elements that have a direct impact on the users. Wireframes will enable you to draw unmatched attention to these attributes of a website. This will have an effect on the user experience. Usability and functionality are much more important elements of a website than just its visual appearance. In most cases, a designer is just interested in designing a website that is appealing to the visitors. However, sometimes it is necessary for a designer to keep the design aspect aside and lay all his focus on how the website will provide a user with the best possible user experience.


Wireframing is an important part of the designing process that will eradicate the complexities that are faced during the web design process. By having a clear design plan will enable you to add more features and functionalities to your websites.

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