How to Be Super Productive On Your Airplane Trip

Flying isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. Cramped flights, long security lines, stressed passengers, and the monotony and sameness of the experience can be a bit overwhelming. Needless to say, getting work done on a flight can at times seem like an impossibility. We’re here to tell you that not only is it possible, but you can actually get a tremendous amount done in just a few short hours. Here are some tips to make you more productive on your next flight.

Keep Your Devices Charged

Despite your best intentions, a dead device will stop you in your tracks. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your devices are fully charged before your flight. Consider setting yourself a calendar reminder so that you don’t forget. And if you need to charge multiple devices, make sure that you either have multiple chargers, or give yourself enough time to charge them all one at a time. When you step foot on that plane, your goal should be full battery life for all of your devices.

But Bring an Extra Battery (or Charger) Just in Case

Of course, in the event you forget to charge your devices, or your devices simply run low through normal use, it helps to have additional charging on hand. A USB battery pack can be charged in advance and used later to restore a dead or dying phone or laptop. These devices are small, lightweight, and incredibly simple to use. Simply plug it in to your phone and it will start charging your device automatically. Of course, Apple users will want to ensure that the battery pack is compatible with their devices, as Apple smartphones and laptops use a different port.

Download Files So You Can Work Offline

Many airplanes now offer Wi-Fi onboard, but it doesn’t tend to come cheaply. And though carriers like T-Mobile offer their own Wi-Fi services, like GoGo Inflight, it still doesn’t hurt to download any work files you may need during your flight. Doing so will allow you to work at any time, whether you have WiFi access or not. Put simply, being able to work offline makes it far easier for you to work, period. When flying, it’s best not to make yourself reliant on an Internet connection – especially one that may be intermittent and expensive.

Make a Plan and Stick to It

Know in advance what you have to get done and what you want to accomplish, and then make a plan to meet these goals. Perhaps you knock out the hardest tasks first (or the easy ones). Or perhaps you finish them in order of due date. Alternatively, perhaps you switch back and forth between hard and easy tasks to allow yourself a mental break. Regardless of the method that works for you, have a method and a plan, and stick to it. Only then will you get all of your work done.

Pack Headphones and Bottled Water

To use an old saying, noise cancelling headphones on an airplane are worth all the tea in China. Not only will they help you drown out your fellow passengers, but they’ll drastically reduce the ambient noise as well. Which is something that you may not appreciate until you put on the headphones for the first time. Suffice to say, airplanes are louder than you realize (or remember). Why suffer through this racket when you can sit in silence and relative peace?

The other key thing to remember is to stay hydrated. Airplanes recycle their air, which tends to make the air stale and dry. This can wreak havoc on the sinuses and leave you feeling parched and tired. To counter this, drink lots of fluids. But don’t drink from those plastic cups that flight attendants hand out. If you do, you’ll fry your laptop at the first jolt or misplaced arm. A little jostle will send the water flying. Instead, buy bottles of water inside the terminal.

Put Your Layover to Good Use

What’s worse than sitting on an airplane for four hours? Arguably, sitting in an airplane terminal for four hours. Don’t just lounge around and obsessively check your phone during your layover. Use this time to get work done. If you think about it, it’s probably going to be your best opportunity. There are available outlets so you can keep your device plugged in. You can occasionally stretch your legs or run to the bathroom without too much difficulty (especially if you’re traveling with others). There’s little else to do. And you’ll have vastly more room available! Be diligent, and you might just find that you finish all of your work before you catch your connecting flight.

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