How to Stay Comfortable During Your Next Flight

Looking forward to a vacation is an excellent feeling. There is the packing and picking out fun outfits, the scheduling of excursions and adventures you will take when you get there. But getting there may be something you dread altogether. Airplane seats seem to be getting smaller by the day, with more people in less space, and additional fees just for extra feet space. So, to make your next flight comfortable, whether it be for a two-hour journey or 12-hour flight, we have a few tips and tricks that might make the time pass by quickly – or at least more comfortably.

Carry on for Comfort

Unless you are trying to avoid baggage fees or do not have time to check a bag, we suggest that you put your larger items in your checked luggage, and carry on a few necessities. This not only makes your time going through the airport easier with a lighter bag, but you do not have to worry about boarding first to find room for your big bag. A soft tote or messenger bag should include necessities like a travel pillow, light travel blanket or large scarf, laptop, reading material, and a few personal items to freshen up on the plane with. Your scarf or light blanket should be light and no bigger than a beach towel. If you are going to be on a longer flight, bring comfortable socks or slippers. We know that travel pillows can be cliché, but they are worth using if you want to get a good snooze in while flying. Making sure your head and neck are properly supported so you don’t get woken up by your head falling into your neighbor or worse into the aisle.

Electronic Ready

You are going to be seated for at least an hour. To pass the time, you want to be prepared to stay entertained and let the time pass by quickly. Make sure that you have a full charge on your phone or mobile device before you leave. Bring a second battery for whichever devices you will be using, and ensure that this fully charged as well. Now go to the App store and download your airline’s app, as well as whatever you will need for in-flight entertainment. These are NOT the same. You may need to reference the airline website or call their 800 number to verify. These downloads will make sure that you are aware of any changes to your travel itinerary as well. And finally, bring all of your plugs and adapters. Considering investing in an accessory that has multiple types of connectors on one end rather than bringing a variety of cords with you. Make sure that you have headphones for everyone traveling as well. If you are using an e-reader, make sure your books are downloaded and ready to go and the same for movies and music.

Freshen Up

In your carry on you should have a few items in there like disposable face cleaning cloths. These can be the pre-moistened type or those that work by water activation. This is not the same as a baby or freshening wipe. We recommend two types, those that clean and remove makeup, and those that freshen up. You should pack a travel sized bottle of hand and body lotion. Planes are extremely dehydrating, so stay moisturized to stay comfortable. We also love a face spritzer. You can buy these already made, or make your own with a small spray bottle, some water, and a few essential oils. Rose water is especially hydrating. Include in your bag aspirin and any medications that you might need. We also thing that mints, gum, and a bottle of water bought in the terminal after security check points are essentials.

Flight Plan

During the flight, we can’t say this enough: stay hydrated! Be sure to drink water frequently, and avoid high amounts of alcohol, caffeine, or beverages high in sodium. These will increase dehydration, tap your energy, and possibly result in a headache. Take walks up and down the aisle if you feel restless and stretch as you are able. While we do not recommend sleeping pills, do try to rest as much as you can, and consider using natural alternatives like lavender scented sprays and lotions that can aid in relaxation. Try to get assigned to an emergency exit row where the leg room may be a bit more. If your flight includes a meal, you may want to try the vegetarian option. These meals tend to be lighter and will leave you feeling better than the traditional airline meal. Be sure that you have your own snacks packed as well. An apple and nuts are ideal, as is a banana. Avoid foods that are going to give off smells, or inconvenience other travelers. And finally, dress comfortably. That does not mean sweat pants and pajama bottoms. We know from firsthand experience and observation, the better you are dressed, the more respect you get from other travelers and flight staff as well. This might mean an upgrade or extra snack! Dress comfortably, but not sloppily.