Some Handy Tips to protect your home from heavy rain and flood

So here comes the rain again! After the weeks of scorching heat and hot winds, indeed this ‘natural shower’ brings great respite. While you have made all the plans to enjoy the monsoon with hot piping pakodas, samosas and tea, what about your home? Have you made your home monsoon ready? After all, you can use raincoats and umbrella to protect yourself, but can you do the same for your home, yes, your ‘precious’ home? Of course, Not!

As much as we love that fresh smell of the wet sand, it is also true that the incessant downpours often wreck our home, forcing us to beg for it to end. So here are some of the ways through which you can protect your home from heavy rain. It’s like applying a ‘waterproof’ make-up to your home. So, let’s start=

  1. Check cracks and leakages= Carefully check the ceilings of your house to detect any roof gaps and leakages which otherwise could turn your home into an indoor swimming pool. Look out for the slightest indication of ceiling discolouration or water rings. In case you find any cracks or leakages, get it repaired to prevent it from turning into a big issue.
  2. Go for wiring repairing= Naked wires are one of the prime reasons for sudden power failures in any season. So, take steps to avoid such instances by getting damaged cords repaired or replaced, if required. Also, switches or plugs which are situated near windows are more vulnerable to rain damage, so cover them carefully to avoid short-circuits or power fluctuations.
  3. Have a protection cover for furniture= Rainwater can stale the furniture and fixtures of your house, which further gets damaged due to the growth of fungus. So, it is necessary to take preventive measures to protect furniture, including cupboards and railings with camphor balls, neem leaves, etc. Along with this, clean your almirahs frequently.
  4. Get doors and windows repaired= Carefully check all your doors and windows to find any cracks. In the case of any damage, get them repaired so that water doesn’t seep through them. As windows and doors bear the major brunt of the rain, check them to find any cracks or gaps and fix rubber lining between the sliding, if needed. It will curtail the further swelling of furniture. Make use of tarpaulin sheets to cover and protect your furniture from the water.
  5. Ward away insects= Unfortunately, insects are the unwelcoming guests of the rainy season. In fact, it is their carnival time. Further, it is not only mosquitoes and flies, but termites, lizards, ants, etc.; can also distort the beautiful look of your home. So, free your abode from insects by using sprays and chemicals. You can also take the help of the professional pest control service provider to disinfect your house. It is always better to install UPVC windows which block insects from entering your house and that too without compromising on the ventilation.
  6. Go light= Monsoon is the time when sunlight is minimum, and therefore, it is best to replace your heavy curtains with light ones. Not only these will allow sunlight to come in, but they also dry up easily. Remember, moisture inside the house not only creates poor odor, but it can also harm your wall, furniture, decorative items, and of course, your mood also!

Arm yourself with a home insurance policy for the complete protection

Your home is one of your most costly investments, which holds emotional value too, so in addition to following the above measures, buy a comprehensive home insurance policy to protect it from perils like, rain, lightning, storm, flood, etc. In case your house or its content gets damaged due to water, you can reach out to your home insurance company in India who will share your financial loss by providing adequate coverage.

Moreover, there are some home insurers, which also bear additional expenses of rent for alternative accommodation in case your house is damaged by an insured peril and you are forced to shift to alternative accommodation.

Further, if you are a tenant, you can buy a content insurance policy to cover your content only and not the structure of the house. In addition to covering losses due to the monsoon, a comprehensive home insurance policy also protects your house against other calamities like fire, earthquake, theft, burglary, riots, etc.

Follow all the above tips to protect your home from rain and keep your monsoon blues away!

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