Business Cards: How a Well-Crafted One Can Help You Standout in the Business World

Embarking a personality to someone may it be for courting a girl or simply passing an interview is important. If you have imprinted a good character to your target person or target audience, a good relationship is within reach.


This scenario is not only applicable to Janes and Johns of the healthy society. Impressing someone and being able to imprint an awesome personality is a necessity to survive in the competition of business puzzles. A wrong impression can cause a loss of potential investor which may have been the means of your failure or further success.


One technique to establish a positive impact is through the use of business cards. Handing out business cards is not an old marketing tradition that is near to being abolished. In fact, exchange of business cards is a sign of sincerity in the Venturing world. Business people alike know that handing out business cards is a low-key signal of advanced business services.


As a result, businesses grow together and success for companies doubles, thanks to business cards which draws out connections.


Acknowledging the importance of business cards and effects it can manifest towards your business, one should know how to manipulate further the business cards possess.


Here are characteristics of ideal business cards and some tips of how to propagate it.


Fonts’ Mood and Vibe

Choosing what font to use for your business card is one crucial step that can either make or break the business card exchange process. Keep in mind that this business card exchange doesn’t just end in the exchanging process. You gave that business card of yours to establish a connection and a business relation to the recipient.


Fonts can elicit moods. These moods can alter the decision of the target person you would want to call you. By now we need to know that business cards are more than just cards to establish connections, these cards are also mirrors of the culture of your company.


Font styles can help elicit the vibe of your business that you would want the recipient to feel and know. Keep in mind though that you have to make sure that these font styles are readable and not messy.

Know Your Space

The white spaces on your business card are not some useless portions of the card. On the contrary, it is there to emphasize the central pieces of your business cards.


These white spaces need smart utilization because, without prior design consideration, they can make the card either look dull or too compact that is it is no longer pleasing to the eyes.


Such instances can obliterate the standard of the business card. A card with tight spaces can seem annoying and disturbing making your company look cheap, and likewise, the one with too many white spaces can make it look dull and not attractive. So make sure that you take advantage of the white spaces neither too much nor too less, but just right to make it appealing.


Color Magic

Studies show that the 15% acceptance or rejection chance of the business card is due to colors. There have also been many studies regarding the ability of color to alter moods and to propagate feelings. In fact, psychologists promote the adaptation of the psychology of colors to different business firms to improve the employees’ motivation in working and in attracting more customers.


Employing the mood-altering ability of business cards in business firms proved a 25% more production rate compared to those who lack the implementation of such. This figure significantly shows that colors can impose effects to our daily lives.


With this fact at hand, you should then consider the colors that you would want for your business cards. Red and yellow can mean passion and happiness, or both can trigger hunger. Pastel colors can calm people, but some shades can also tantamount to disgust.


So know the psychology of colors in a more in-depth way to make your business cards appealing. Such knowledge can bring you an edge in the making of business cards.


Shape Of You

It might sound odd, but business cards don’t only come in rectangular shapes. Some companies are bold enough to go against the suggestion of the norm and muster uniqueness on their respective cards.


A business card is rectangular and fits the size of our wallet. As a result to this resemblance the car then snugly fits inside it. However, we cannot deny the fact that cards with unique shapes, other than rectangles or squares, are more appealing compared to the regular ones which can easily get mixed up with the rest of the business cards.


In this situation, not being able to compete with other business cards can then result in an oblivion of your business card and the potential relationship you may have offered if only your business card is more attractive than the rest.

How to Swap the Cards

After knowing the makeup of the card, you should also know how to disseminate them to both potential clients and investors. Remember that no matter how beautiful the business card is, its worth will dissolve into nothingness if not correctly propagated.


Wasted business cards can amount to high-profit loss knowing that you invested upon that business card. Keep in mind that as you can hand out a business card properly, you are also giving a portion of fortune for your company.


Listed below are a few tips to raise awareness of what you should you do when handing out business cards and establishing business relationships.


Tip 1. Embark An Impression With It

If you have accomplished producing a business card that is appealing enough to compete in the marketing world, Congratulations you have just passed step one. And yes, step one.


A good business card does not do the business talking itself, though it has to do so with the designs, the fonts, contact information, etc. A business card can only be good as gold if you were able to convince the target client that it is.


As an entrepreneur, know how to imprint a positive impact to the recipient together with your creatively beautiful business card. Make the conversation so appealing and engaging that at the end of the engagement, you are sure that this person you are talking to will accept your card willingly.


Tip 2. Connect With Influentials

In the business world, you don’t stop doing marketing. Marketing is your bread and butter to survive, and any action you do is marketing. Even the dissemination of business cards is a form of marketing.

You marketize company to the potential investors and clients that can help your venture develop. But more than just potential investors and customers, you must also be able to hand out business cards to people who can easily market your business for you.


These people are to be called the Influentials. They are the one who holds significant influence in the field you are involved and getting their help in advertising your business is one way to advance your marketing strategies.


This influential is someone of high credibility and high public trust percentage. Most probably, if this person hands out your business card to your target market, the chances of your card being inside the trash can or unnoticed is close to none. This goal is what we are planning to achieve.


Tip 3. Be Politely Light

This tip is the basic, of all basic and it does not apply in business alone. Being polite is not just conveying in business but in any aspect of life. People are more attracted to individuals who know how to talk politely and engage in conversations lightly.


This attitude is one thing that you need to master to assure a 0% rejection rate for your business card. Politeness doesn’t mean you have to be serious as being surrounded by business people. You also have to be light and laugh a little in possible moments and assert a topic. But you have to be careful not to overdo stuff and keep it light.


Even with a glass of champagne on the one hand, always put courteousness in your tone of talking and conversing. This one can deliver a message of sincerity to your recipient which may lead them to fall for your business.


A gentleman and an appropriate lady can always ace the business talking game.



Business cards and business talks go hand in hand, but in some cases, not everyone can do it properly. In worst scenarios, entrepreneurs with little to no knowledge of how important these two are may fall onto the wrong foot digging a grave of their company themselves.


As a businessperson, you should know how to exemplify the qualities of your business and propagate it to the public that they would want it right away. One way to multiply things is to spread your business information to valuable and deserving people. Business cards can give outstanding impacts for you and your company, know its power and manipulate it to your advantage.

Author’s Bio

Laura Baird is a graphic designer in a company that offers advanced business services. She loves sketching and she relies on her printer when she wants something to be printed. In her free time, she gives tips to the online community on how to choose the best printer for their work of art.

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