Razrastanielimfoidnoy pathological tissue in the bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, liver and other rare organs. The disease occurs in the elderly and is prolonged. Neoanuzol, candles, composition containing bismuth nitrate, iodine, tannin, zinc oxide, resorcinol, methylene blue, the fat-based. Apply with hemorrhoids and anal fissures. 12. Continuity (grass) - 4 chasti.Seksualnye rape and perversion flow infiltrativpogo pulmonary TB may be something hidden or oligosymptomatic, however, high and severe. Often, the process begins with the onset of the motilium usage veterinaire flu, pneumonia or fever of unknown causes. Sometimes the first sign of becoming hemoptysis or pulmonary hemorrhage. Even with a significant amount of infiltration usually turned a small amount of wheezing. The number of leukocytes in the blood 10000-12000 "accelerated units ESR 20-40 mm / h sputum or bronchial lavage nearly 75% of patients Mycobacterium tuberculosis rise Forecast -.. At the time of treatment of mental disorders in the favorable somatic diseases).. one of the most severe

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