4 Ways of Designing a Holistic User Experience

Designing has always been about problem solving, functionality above all else. But there’s a new approach that you can take, which tries to put secondary considerations next to the primary ones (problem solving, in this case) and thus create an experience that is aware of the larger world. This kind of approach is called holistic approach, and it comes from architecture, but it can be applied to pretty much anything these days.

An architect that takes a holistic approach will account for all the things homeowners might never even think about, and create a structure that is a part of something larger. In this guide we’ll walk you through the use of holistic approach on your website, all in order to create a different kind of user experience.

How to Achieve Holistic Design?

There are a couple of basic principles that you need to follow in order to be in line with a holistic approach.

  • Don’t Undermine Functionality – Holistic approach doesn’t mean you should forego the functionality, on the opposite – you should improve it all while meeting other holistic goals as well.
  • Apply Theories From Other Disciplines – You can pretty take any discipline other than design and use their theories to achieve a different kind of design.
  • Aim For Impossible – Holistic design is all about making unrealistic things possible. Creating a cheap smartphone that’s still powerful enough to contend with the big companies seems unlikely, yet if you focus your efforts on it you can achieve greatness.

Holistic Web Design

Holistic web design follows a simple philosophy that every single aspect of designing a website is vital to the overall success. Some web designers will focus on the layout but completely forget about the UX (User Experience), or the other way around. Or they might invest a lot of effort into creating a great UX bot won’t optimize for SEO. This is why Webwingz Web Design Sydney recommends focusing equally on all aspects of web design if you truly want to offer a different kind of experience to your users.

Holistic Online Marketing

A holistic marketing strategy is the one that uses a number of different marketing platforms simultaneously to achieve a coherent presentation of your brand. Usually, companies will focus on either SEO, email marketing, social media marketing or any other type of advertising. But holistic approach teaches us that putting an equal focus on all of these strategies can have more success when it comes to boosting your reputation and building a brand.

Holistic Approach to SEO

When it comes to SEO, a holistic approach can really net you some valuable traffic, all while caring about what it is that you want from your website. A holistic web designer will always make sure that your navigation links are crawlable, as well as easily accessible to people with special needs. The ease of use is as important as aesthetics when talking about holistic approach, so people with special needs can always understand what your website is all about. Holistic web design will always make sure that your website follows all SEO requirements which will make it much easier to rank on your relevant SERPs.

Bottom Line

Taking a holistic approach when developing your website means being flexible and constantly evolving your strategy. When one part of the website gets updated, every other part needs to be brought in line with it, so that together they create a coherent whole. Choosing to go with a holistic process in your web design will benefit your business in the long run.