Discover These 3 Tips To Boost Your SEO With Social Media

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Social media and SEO are two major parts that must be included in any marketing strategy used to promote digital products today. Digital marketing began on the foundation of SEO and social media sites are now where most people online spend a large majority of their time. The biggest issue for many marketers today is due to confusion over exactly how to make the best use of these important tactics to get good results.


Most experienced marketers agree that social signals are a significant part of ranking with SEO. But even if it weren’t, there is strong evidence to suggest that using social media marketing will definitely boost any other SEO efforts you’re making. Here we will take a look at 3 tips that can boost your SEO with social media.


  • You can get natural, quality backlinks using social media marketing. Building backlinks and the methods used for ranking has changed considerably over the last several years but it remains an important factor. For this reason, building backlinks and earning links from other websites is still a powerful tactic used by marketers and the perfect place to do that is often the social media pages. Most social media sites are designed for their users to share content they like and are interested in. This encourages engagement and gives marketers an opportunity to take advantage of the situation by creating a win-win scenario that provides the users with content they want and the marketer with shares and backlinks that they want. Every time some of your content is shared it gives an expanding reach of people that can find a link back to your site.


  • The goal of SEO is to increase the amount of people that come in contact with your content and social media can enhance these efforts. When you use social media correctly you’re actually giving your content more places to reside on the internet. The pages and content don’t need to be strictly promotional and in fact, one of the best uses of social media is its ability to put your content in front of the type of visitors you’re looking to get to your site.


  • Getting people more aware of your brand using social media can have an effect on those who come in contact with it when they perform searches. Every time you put more content on social media sites it gives the viewers a chance to interact with you in a positive way and this improves your familiarity and builds your brand and audience. This means when they perform a search query that they are more likely to recognize you when they see you on the results page.


This is likely to increase the chance they will click on your link rather than another. It may even mean that they specifically search for you on the search engine. It may also mean that they find you on other social media platforms.


How To Pull Social Media And SEO Altogether

Just as much as social media can increase your SEO results the opposite is equally true. To help you increase the likelihood of these two increasing each other’s efforts you should follow these steps.


Always optimize everything including your profiles and post. Social media sites are often used just like another search engine and that’s why it’s necessary to always optimize everything. You will want to make sure that you title your post with something that’s going to attract user attention and optimize your SEO efforts. You will want to learn to use hashtags as well. Sites like Instagram and Twitter utilize hashtags as a way for those search engines to find content when people search.


You can search for best practices for using hashtags to gain more understanding of this tactic. It will also be necessary that you understand their meaning so that you can use them appropriately. Sites such as and are some resources you might find useful. When you begin to put together content for social media make sure that you write messages that are optimized. Each time you put up a new blog post or a new page on your website it should always include some type of social component.


Whenever you create a post or page for your site you should create several social media post that compliments the site post your making. This will increase the messages that can be found when someone searches. When possible, use tagging and mentioning to create signals for influencers. You can often boost your post results using such tagging methods.


Be The One Your Audience Finds Always Gives The Best Answer


Social media marketing help site owners use integrated strategies that make the best use of social media and SEO. When you become the person that your audience knows will always give the best answers they will seek you out more. This is a strategy that will more fully leverage social media marketing along with SEO to improve overall results.


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