11 tools and services that will manage to improve upon your Twitter experience

Twitter is a popular social media platform which is known to keep things brief. This micro blogging service limits its user to use only 140 characters per post. However, the market for Twitter applications and services is not limited; you can find countless of them meant to make things better for you over this platform. Most of them are desktop applications which are aimed to organize your social media life or help you in managing the search engine thus pulling all the tweets which you look ahead to read. The below is the list of top 11 apps and services which are meant to enhance your Twitter experience.

1. TweetDeck

Though TweetDeck is a Twitter management application for power users, however, it also helps in managing other social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn along with multiple Twitter accounts. It is among the favorite application for Twitter users as it carries a number of things for them. These including pre-posting and scheduling your tweets, manage multiple Twitter accounts and searching anything through power search tools. Its interface simply employs a column arrangement which is sometime seen a little crowded; however, you can certainly think of customizing it as per your likings. Now, you can find TweetDeck with a cloud-based counterpart which means that you can access it across multiple computers. This sensible, easy to use application is available for free.

2. SocialOomph

Though looks matter a lot even for web applications and software, but what counts at the end of the day is its utility. Similar is the case of SocialOomph which comes with a very plain interface but when you look beyond its look and feel, the application is considered among the most powerful Twitter management tool. Unlike TweetDeck, it helps you to manage multiple amounts of Twitter accounts which assist you in scheduling Tweets as per your routine. It also assists you in emphasizing the social nature of Twitter by supporting you to promote yourself to find out new followers and helps in recognizing and locating quality accounts to follow. Lastly, SocialOomph’s support goes to a number of popular blogging services and places like Facebook.

3. HootSuite

A majority of people switch over to social networking sites for fun, however, people turning to HootSuite merely come to boost their business. This application is completely cloud-based; however, it comes with slick and attractive kind of interface. HootSuite’s dashboard renders you a centralized location for tracking different social media accounts like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. The features found at HootSuite are similar to SocialOomph and TweetDeck since it also helps in managing and scheduling tweets and organizes the direct messages along with checking the view @ replies without any hassle.

4. Seesmic Desktop 2

If you are just crazy about social networking and enjoy your social life using these platforms, then consider using Seesmic Desktop 2. This social media manager caters you support for more than ninety different services including all the basics like Twitter and Facebook to even the uncommon places like Stocktwits and Yammer. It has a web-based or cloud-based counter-top called the Seesmic Web which can easily sync with your desktop counter-top. It also caters a number of mobile applications like Android, iOS and Windows Phone along with a separate mobile application called as Ping which helps you to post a couple of status updates at different services.

5. Sobees

This application helps you in managing all the three major social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Though it comes in beta with some kinks inside, but at the same time it proves out to be a powerful social media manager. You can use Sobees to update your status in different social networks simultaneously along with smoothly searching things over Twitter. It also directs you to a couple of trending topics seen over Twitter, however, all the information appears with a label of ‘Sponsored content’, which makes things difficult to define the intensity of heat in the topic.

6. Selective Tweets

If you are keen to keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts apart, the tool Selective Tweets helps you in doing this. In this way, you do not require any full-featured social management tool to do the needful. A little utility like the Selective Tweets can really help you in updating your Facebook status from Twitter by finishing it with a tweet with #fb. It comes for free.

7. A.plus

If you are not interested in any multipronged application which supports several social networks then consider using A.plus which belongs to a Hollywood actor and a Twitter king – Ashton Kutcher. This application is created in conjunction with UberSocial and gives you a number of decent features like allowing you to see web-based content directly within the app through its LivePreview panel. Unlike the other applications, A.plus also features a column style interface. Its background and red accent are attractive and it sounds more appealing than some other applications.

8. Blu

If you are keen in using any dedicated kind of Twitter application which is also light in size, consider using Blu. It is pretty slick and is created like a concept application for Windows 7. In fact, it is more than mere a charming face and allows you to see your Twitter timeline, retweets, favorites, @ mentions and other things without any hassle. Lastly, it comes for free.

9. PostPost

If Twitter seems pretty overwhelming thing for you then consider using PostPost. This free service simply supports you in digging the mess seen in Twitter and gets for you information which are personally relevant. Its recent version incorporates new Timeline Topline feature that extracts all the relevant kind of topics, photos, links and videos from your Twitter timeline. PostPost determines all your relevant stuffs by merely examining your Twitter account and the way you use it. This service skillfully arranges relevant Twitter content before you along with other stuffs which you would love to view.

10. Tweetmeme

It is a service which helps you in digging into a massive amount of information over Twitter. It does the needful by collecting the links which are considered to be hot links over Twitter and puts before you in an attractive kind of layout. This service is pretty easy to use and helps you in knowing the number of times any link has been tweeted; however, its utilities are just confined only to links.

11. Twellow

If you are keen to have large amount on Twitter, consider using this online directory service – Twellow. It is considered as the world largest Twitter directory which helps you in listing your potential followers without any hassle. It gives you a neatly organized Twitter directory into different categories and subcategories.

Twitter is a great social networking platform, however, at times it could turn complicated to use. The above discussed 11 applications and services can certainly make your Twitter using experience better and interesting.

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