3 Reasons Your Healthcare Facility Needs a Visible Web Presence

Even though there is a shortage of doctors and nurses around the country, healthcare facilities are still highly competitive with each other and no matter how innovative their technologies may be, no one will actually know what they have to offer unless you tell them. Years ago you would have had to rely on the yellow pages and television or radio spots, but today you have one of the best resources at your disposal and, believe it or not, it is a whole lot less expensive than those outmoded forms of advertising. That’s right, the Internet. If you haven’t explored the benefits of having a visible web presence, here are three good reasons to do so. With a website you can:

1. Show and Tell

Do you remember those days long ago when you brought your pet hamster to school for show and tell day? Of course your friends all knew you had a pet hamster at home and his name was Harry, but there is nothing quite like bringing Harry to school to let your friends see him first hand. With a resource like the Internet at your disposal, imagine what you can show people about your facility and all the hi-tech equipment you have on site. Imagine having the ability to tell them exactly what it is you can do that other hospitals or clinics in the area can’t do. You can use SEO to bring visitors to your web site and then use all that information and those wonderful images to get them through your doors.

2. Introduce Your Staff and Affiliated Physicians

As the hospital administrator, you chose careers in healthcare administration because you believe in what you do. You believe that your approach to healthcare as defined and taught by Regis College is patient-centric and you have surrounded yourself and your facility with the very best medical professionals to be found. Introduce yourself, the healthcare facility’s staff and any affiliated doctors and specialists so that those searching for services will know who you are and what you can offer them. Today’s consumer wants to know who they are dealing with just as much, if not more, than what you have to offer. One of the prerequisites of landing healthcare administration jobs is having the ability to do a bit of PR when needed and this is one of those times.

3. Give Them Detailed Contact Information

Many hospitals offer the ability to contact the administrative offices or the various departments with an online contact form that visitors to their website can fill out. Members of your office staff can either forward information to the various departments or the floor secretary can respond as needed. Each department will have a separate number to call and email address within the site and so consumers will feel they are getting the special attention they deserve. Lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints patients and their families have about large healthcare facilities and this is one way to overcome that objection before they even have a chance to voice it.

In the end, today’s consumer turns to the Internet more so than any other means of locating everything from hospitals to pizza delivery. If you aren’t highly visible online with a solid web presence, your competitors will probably have the upper hand.

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