5 Jobs You Can Undertake to Earn Money as a Private Investigator

The private investigation industry may not be one of the top earning jobs in the world if you’re working for a company. However, a decent salary or even second income can be made if you undertake private investigator jobs on your own accord. Have a look at some of the following jobs you can do to earn an extra income.

Pre-employment Checks

Many businesses don’t have the funding or resources to undertake pre-employment checks on employees looking to land a job. Often, such businesses will outsource this work to a professional and it is up to them to ensure the candidate is whistle clean and eligible to undertake the work. The amount you earn will depend on how many pre-employment checks you make, but it could prove to be profitable if you land the right contracts.

Private Detective

Many children go missing and murders are committed and, although the police do a decent job in solving cases, not all of them are solved. Families often hire private detectives to speed up the process of finding lost ones. If you have an Online MSCJ or a masters in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati, you could offer a private detective service to those in need.

Identity Theft Detective

If you have technical experience and you love working with computers, becoming an identity theft detective might be up your street. You’ll be working with data daily and trying to come up with answers when it comes to personal identity theft. You will work with different internet browsers and check search history, as well as log IP addresses to see who committed the crime. It’s a well-paid job and no two days are the same, and it’s worth a look at if you’re technology fanatic.

Partner Investigator

While a private investigator will often offer this service, there are many detectives that work solely in the industry when it comes to catching partners that cheat. It’s a straightforward way to get clientele, and it’s also a job that gives you the opportunity to charge what you want. Sometimes it ends with a partner just being paranoid. However, other times you will catch a cheat in the act!

Financial Investigator

When it comes to tax fraud or other business financial matters, a financial investigator is a person that works out what went on. You’ll need accountancy experience and the relevant qualifications to begin a career as a financial investigator, but it’s a career worth looking at thanks to the financial rewards that come with it.

Becoming a private investigator is very rewarding and the careers on offer also provide a host of other business opportunities that could see you retire early. It’s not an industry that’s easy to make a success out of, but if you have a knack for solving crimes and you don’t mind digging up dirt on people, it’s always worth putting the effort in to make it work.