5 questions geared towards what you need from your web developer


Believe it or not, it’s not that easy to build a website from scratch and make money with it. To many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, making a website is more like putting together a very complicated jigsaw puzzle. You think those photos look good, but when you get a closer look they somehow don’t match. What if something happens and your website crashes? Hiring an experienced web developer to do the heavy lifting might be a lot better. However, prior to hiring the first person that claims to be the best, you should prioritize. Here are 5 questions to ask a potential web develop before assigning the job.


  • Do you have any particular web standards you adhere to?

The answer to this question should immediately make you see who can handle your website’s requirements and who can’t. Setting web standards basically means coding and designing a website from scratch. Clean code technologies such as CSS, ECMA Scrips, and XHTML are the most recommended. You don’t have to know what these languages are, but you need to make your candidate believe so. A very easy way to help you get the right answer is to keep in mind that online browsing is about using different operating systems and web browsers. Developing and designing a website according to these standards give your site a unique ability – to function and look the way you want it to look on different platforms.

  • Do you design with SEO in mind?

Every aspiring website owners wants his online business to be present online. This means becoming visible to search engines, such as Google. Implementing the right SEO techniques ensures you that your strategy works, and that your website is properly designed for search engines. When interviewing web developers, this question should also be on the list. Some of the most important elements that affect search engine optimization are CSS, script files, and web page content. Making your texts visually compelling is fundamental. First impressions matter a lot, especially online. And if your website doesn’t look well-structured, people won’t be interested to read the content no matter how good that content may be.


  • What plans do you have to help me grow my website?

No business owner wants to hear that their web developer must start working from scratch just because they’ve made a mistake when coding. Before hiring anyone, it might be smart to ask candidates what plans they have to help your site grow and change. Make sure to ask about the tools they plan on using to build your website. Too many developers these days use outdated techniques that can’t compete with the latest trends. If you want the best, you have to let them prove that they’re knowledgeable, and that they can understand what you want and need for your future business.

  • How do you plan to test your work?

Since your visitors and consumers probably use different technology, you have to make sure your web developer understands this fact. This way you’ll be on the same page, and any differences that may arise can be easily fixed amiably. Believe it or not, a lot of entrepreneurs believe it’s trivial to discuss strategies with their web developers. But just because they know what they’re doing it doesn’t mean they know what’s best for you. Ask your candidates what web browsers they use for testing when developing. Talk about securing payment gateways and make sure to test them in an actual environment. Be specific and don’t hesitate to get clearance on every statement that they make.

  • How do you plan to handle support requests?

Last but not least, make sure to ask your web developer how they plan on handling requests. Following the launch of a website, it’s normal for unexpected issues to emerge. What you need to know before hiring someone is how they can handle bugs and technical hiccups. Every web developer fixes issues differently. It is important to know that their way of handling challenges works with your tactics too.


We can understand that building a website and developing a successful online business can be stressful. However, if you need help you should consult with a web development agency. This way, you are sure that your website is done by the best in the industry.

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