5 Tips for the A to Z of penguin 4.0 update for your Website

At long last, the much awaited penguin 4.0 update is here and every website owner is sighing with relief. Why? Because the tense wait over the two years has been tedious, especially for webmasters who had to grope in the dark for all that time. Worse still, there was so much uncertainty that an entire industry on speculation had emerged.  

Now that penguin 4.0 update is here, there is still a lot of unknown factors because as usual Google just gave a quick statement about the same. From their statement, it is obvious that you should not expect any more alters about Penguin updates since this is a live version where crawlers work and the results are immediately reflected on your website ranking.

If you are still fretting about the changes, here are some tips to get you started:


  • What is a Penguin Update Anyway?


Since 2012, webmasters have had it easy when it comes to Penguin updates. Most website owners actually don’t understand what this entails, but in simple terms, Google wants you to gain your ranking by doing honest marketing. Traditionally, black hat techniques such as spammy links were the best way to gain high ranking on search engines, but today the landscape has changed. Google Penguin is optimized to catch any website that issuing these techniques to gain high ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). With constant updates, your website is under more scrutiny and playing Google has never been more difficult.


  • Welcome To The Penguin 4.0 Update


If Goggle has been updating its algorithm since 2012, why so much hype about penguin 4.0 update? Truth be told; the only way your business will survive online is by investing in search engine optimization (SEO). For startups, this is not an affordable option, which leads to unscrupulous techniques in an attempt to earn high ranking. Previously, this would have worked but it means honest businesses were ranked lower on search engine results.

Users have been complaining about this, which necessitated action from search engines. This is where ranking factors come in and penguin 4.0 update is just a process in the bigger picture to try and give users better experience after a search. The penguin 4.0 update adjusts ranking based on the quality of links on the site and users, thus get the relevant content they have been searching for.


  • The Place of SEO


Every startup has lots of costs to consider and SEO might not be a priority. Well, if you want to make money in online marketing, you better invest in SEO service. These are experts who appreciate any changes brought by Google updates and they will advise you on the same. An SEO strategist understands the white hat techniques that can boost your SERPs ranking. These professionals also help in website maintenance to guarantee your website is always up. Downtime for a business website means lost business and a poor reputation.


  • Your Link Source


One of the oldest tricks in SEO books is link building, but it comes at a cost now. According to Google’s Gary Illyes, the new penguin 4.0 update will be keener on where your links are coming from. This spells doom for link buyers who have been boasting good ranking on SERPs because the penalties are now real-time. The focus should now be on quality sources as opposed to the link itself. Penguin according to Gary is more focused on the source of the link as opposed to the link and the quality of content provided. If you don’t want your pages to be devalued by the penguin 4.0 update, you better start evaluating your links now.


  • What to Make of the penguin 4.0 update


You have read about it and most likely, you still don’t appreciate how it will impact your website. Well, penguin 4.0 update install remains an enigma because websites are still to feel the real impact on search engines. The fact remains that since the announcement of the rollout in September, most webmasters have noted some changes in ranking. With real-time monitoring and changes, you will soon be observing some action on your SERPs ranking.

Still not getting it?  Google’s penguin 4.0 update is the biggest news in SEO and it is time you asked your SEO service to explain what this means for your business.