7 Most Reliable Nail Color For Every Occasion

In the current scenario where top brand are flooding market with multiple launches with every season, nail polish is becoming most overwhelming thing. Undoubtedly, your nail drobe is stocked with various nail color for keeping up with the seasonal trends. Nail paints are now becoming fashion accessory. Nail color wearers are not sticking to the boundaries of seasons.

There are certain things to keep in mind when wearing nail color:

  • Nail care
  • Be Careful with the color you select

Are you one of them who are unable to change your nail color because of hectic schedule or are too lazy to do that? Here are 7 most reliable nail color for every occasion that will offer you stylish and trendy looks.


What is trending in the market in a huge way right now? Yes, white nail color. Pairing your white nail color on a squoval shape nails with any print will make you look presentable for any occasion.


Classic red color goes with every dress irrespective of the shape of your nail. Every girl must have the red nail color in their kit. Right? But you need to pick the best red color keeping the following things in your mind:

  • Don’t choose orange red as it will bring attention to manicure.
  • Plum and burgundy red are always versatile for night-day combination.

This color resembles to the instagram shade. This  shimmery pastel color is most suited for hitting poolsides or beach with your friends. The upside to light blue pastel looks even better when you are at beach and working on getting tanned.


Well black lacquer is different from basic black. You can never go wrong with black lacquer gel nail color. It gives you a neutral look on the tips of your nails than the other neutral shades.


Well, are you one of them who face great difficulty in pulling off bright yellow color shade? Here is the good news for you then, sunny yellow gel nail color is apt for every kind of skin color. This color will help you in brightening up your outfit.


Always remember whenever you are going for heavy metals, subtle shade are the best to stick around such as glistening silver. Metallic silver color always compliment your monochromatic outfit. These colors are best suited on thin, long and pointed nails.  

You can go with a grey color anytime as it compliments every outfit. Soothing colors always come to rescue when you don’t want to keep it loud yet pretty.


This nail color acts as a supporting player rather than driving all the attention. A beige and grey color together is adapted to any kind of skin tone and makes you presentable for every occasion.


We all will admit that their are occassion when your mood strikes for a soft pink, even if you are not too girly. Always keep your soft pink gel nail paint in bag for the occasions when you feel ultra-fem.


Whether it is your birthday or halloween, an eye catching glitter will do the work for these occasions. No matter which colour you want to wear, your nails will always pop because of the glitter. Go with a hot flash color to make a statement within few seconds. You can experiment with different sizzling gelcolor shades. Remember you are never under dressed with a glittery nail color.

The above discussed nail colors are completely reliable for every occasion. Whether you are in mood to party or planning for a day out, pull the best dress out of your wardrobe and apply any of the above color to your nail for looking presentable. If you feel too lazy to change your nail color according to the occasions than any of the above discussed color  will surely make you stand out.

Author Bio : James Jones is a writer, who lives in New York City. Currently he is writing for “Gel-nails.com“. When he is not writing, James works in the fashion, entertainment industry as a model and host. Network with his on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+