A Guide to Landscaping Around a Family Pool


Installing a pool at your house can be stressful, especially after you see the mess that’s left behind from all the equipment. That dirty mess can easily be transformed with the right landscaping.

In this article, we’ll cover different landscaping features you can use around your pool to make your backyard an oasis.


There are tons of hardscaping options available on the market. You can have concrete, slate, porcelain or glass tiles, granite, or large rounded pebbles around your pool. Depending on the overall aesthetic you want around your pool (relaxing, beachy, contemporary, etc.), there are plenty of hardscaping options to fit your vision.

Flora and Fauna

Adding flowers, grasses, bushes, and trees around your pool can help you achieve your pool’s theme. Those plant choices will also depend on what will thrive in your climate.

Oriental grasses and vines offer a low-maintenance option to pool owners. You’ll find bamboo, zebra grass, and honeysuckle are all popular options near the pool.

Another trend is to use clay or stone pots to contain the plants but also to add a new dimension to the pool area.

Strategically placed trees can help provide shade in the summer and act as the perfect place for lounge chairs and other outdoor pool furniture. Do keep in mind that tall flowers or trees that grow near your pool will drop leaves at the end of the season, resulting in more debris to collect from the pool.


Lighting is crucial if you plan on using your pool at night. You’ll likely have a light installed in your pool, but you’ll also want lights around the pool to avoid tripping on things in the dark.

LED lights are growing in popularity for pool use thanks to their longevity and being eco-friendly. You can find plenty of color options in LED lights and you can adjust the brightness of most of them.

Placing lights in strategic locations around your pool will not only help prevent accidents but will also help you create the right ambience.

Make It Your Own

There are truly no rules for landscaping around a pool. Every family has a different vision for how they want their pool landscaping to look. It’s just a matter of pulling together the right elements of hardscaping, plants, and lighting to create their perfect vision and oasis.

About the Author

Scott Bland has been in the leisure industry for nearly 20 years. As a sales manager in the hot tub/spa industry he knows pool installation and pool landscaping inside and out. Right now he works sales while writing about consumer goods on the side. If you want to contact him, you can do so at his LinkedIn.

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