A Journey Through Beautiful Typography In Web Design

Web designers know that beyond the text copy, and the images, one other web design element which emphasizes the page is the typography. It is defined as the art and technique, and the careful arrangement of type to make the written language more readable and appealing for recognition and learning. It is not just the choice of font and typeface, but also the effect it has on the page and the meaning of the written word. Even among a specific typeface, there are gradations which a user can choose from, including the size of the ascender and descender, the serif, counter, the cap height and the x-height.


Exquisite Uses Of Type

There are a lot of impressive websites which use great looking typography. The advantage of these websites is that their use of typography enhances the quality and beauty of the website. The typography also emphasizes the meaning of the words. The following websites are representative of the design possibilities and the richness of typography:


“Atelier” comes form the French and means “a workshop or a studio.” The website lives up to the namesake definition. The site graphics experiments on the use of the typeface. With various different typefaces in use, lines of different angles, and overlapping colors, the site is bold and aggressive with a youthful vigor. The downside of the site is the large 2560 x 5330 pixel central graphic which is 2.4MB in size.


Deceptively simple in style, the Cirq’s sophistication is in the way the old-style design, looks very modern and updated. The website is for a vineyard and it has lived up to its reputation of being something new, something old, and a totally new technology for graphics. The central design element has a shadow which moves as you move the mouse along the page. There is a price to pay for such craftiness, and that is the 3.4 MB size of the page, and more than 43 HTTP requests.

Max Di Capua.

The website is another one which relies on modern sensibilities with a touch of Zen. The front page is sparse, with sans serif fonts, and expounds on the concept of simplicity. The typography is widely spaced, wider than most other websites. However, this allows the design to breathe. It has other supporting text all in the serif font. The font is easy to use, navigate and read. It is playful, as the same time it allows the page to be responsive with the use of overlapping objects and placeholders.


This is an ambitious rendering of a museum on a page. The name itself is larger than the page or the screen. This gives an illusion that the page is larger than the computer monitor. The main categories are interesting with their innovative use of the navigation system. The page size is less than 1MB, and is well optimized. The page has clean lines, rich typography, and a great understanding of what they want to accomplish with text, copy and typography.

I Shot Him

With a lofty ambition, I Shot Him delivers on the promise to change the world, by changing hearts, minds and habits. What sets this website apart is the innovative use of the design elements, where it hides things but do not necessarily hide them from site. The use of overlapping design may be a bit too much, after a while. However, this coupled with the hand-painted signs, and retro graphic style, makes it visually very strong. The typography is fun and easy to follow.


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