Boost Your Work Efficiency in Green Office

Imagine working in a small dark office where you only have room for a medium-sized desk and a half-broken chair that does not support your back. Imagine a minimal outside view because the windows are too small, a stale odor and mold on the walls. This definitely is not the type of office you want to work in, but if wish to perform the best you can at the job you do, you have to have an office that will suit you and allow you to experience all the benefits of a productive space. In short, you need a green office.



What is a Green Office?

A concept of a green office includes several interconnected things that are simultaneously engaged in order to make your working environment better and more environmentally aware.

It starts with actions that are eco-friendly and “green”, such as installing new energy-efficient light bulbs, using less paper, wasting less energy by unplugging your electric devices overnight and encouraging your employees to do the same things at their homes. On top of that, a green office is different from other offices because it actually has some green in it – flowers and plants give it a more natural look and present an inspiration for better work.

How to Achieve Work Efficiency?

In addition to looking more welcoming and soothing, green offices have actually been proven to have an effect on work productivity and efficiency. Inserting some plants does not cost much and can be done under a moderate budget and it does wonders for all people involved in the process.

Plants improve concentration and keep employees more focused on their duties and, additionally, they affect the air quality in an office which makes people less sleepy and more alert. Moreover, they are generally more satisfied when working in a space full of plants instead of an office without them, so this change is not only psychological, but also felt on physical, cognitive and emotional levels as well.

What Can You Do Regarding This Matter?

First of all, bring in some plants and flowers into the office – they will produce oxygen, remove toxic particles from the air and minimize carbon dioxide, so your employees will feel healthier and, consequently, more prepared to work. They will also feel relaxed when looking at plants instead of being in front of a computer all day long. Finally, their attention span will boost significantly.

In addition to plants, you can look into office design as well. Make the spaces bigger and do not force workers to be in too close proximity to one another. Install larger windows and add more light and fresh air into the office. Finally, declutter as much as you can and inspire employees to personalize their working area – they can bring their favorite flowers and plants and thus feel more connected to the office space than before.

Further Steps

Even though plants have been shown to boost work productivity, you do not have to stop at the 15% researches mention. You can push the bar by equipping more work spaces (hallways, elevators, meeting rooms, etc.) with plants and inspecting which species are the best air purifiers. This will all lead to less stress with employees and more work efficiency.

Author’s bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of Architecture from Australia, who loves writing about interior design. Also, she is a regular contributor to

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