How Hot Tubs Are Innovating: The Self Cleaning Hot Tub


Hot tubs have been around for decades, however, they have drastically changed since they were first introduced. Today, models are much more functional, easy to clean and energy efficient thanks to innovating technology. Over time, manufacturers such as Hydropool have invested countless hours into research and design to make hot tub owners lives more enjoyable by saving time on cleaning and improving maintenance.

Below, we will look at how Hydropool hot tubs have evolved over time with innovative self-cleaning technology.

The Beginnings of the Self Cleaning Hot Tub

Previously, a pain point for many hot tub owners was the substantial time it took to clean and maintain their hot tubs. Developing the self-cleaning hot tub was a major innovation in this area and gave back more time for owners to do what they loved – spending time enjoying their hot tub.

Until the early 1980’s, Hydropool hot tubs were fitted with gravity style drains and grate-style skimmers. By 1985, technology had developed to include side suction filters and skimmers which could skim the water surface and depth of the hot tub, making cleaning quicker, more cost-effective and easier. By the late 1980’s, pressure side filters and high flow skimmers were introduced that made water filtration much more efficient while also reducing the likelihood that filters could become clogged and damage the heater or pump. The improved cleanliness, as a result, helped to reduce hot tub odours and improved the overall aesthetic as the filters were now out of sight.

In 1993, Hydropool introduced the floor vacuum which further improved the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning. A major benefit of this innovation was how much time was reduced from overall required maintenance. The floor vacuum could reach the bottom of the hot tub to filter water that could not previously be reached. It also eliminated the need for owners to have to bail out water from the bottom of the tub prior to draining.

Today’s Self Cleaning Hot Tubs

As these innovations continued to advance, the result was the world’s first and only self-cleaning hot tub. Today, a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub can filter all of the water in the unit, skim the surface and vacuum the floor in just 15 minutes. The highlights of the self-cleaning system are:

● Guarantee of safe, clean water

● Dirt and floor grit is vacuumed and removed

● Surface is skimmed to remove debris and oil

● 100% of the water is filtered every 15 minutes

Self-cleaning hot tubs still require some degree of maintenance, such as adding necessary water chemicals such as bromine, chlorine and pH balancers as well as periodically cleaning the water filters. Perhaps the next major advancement in hot tub technology will be developing a way to eliminate even these tasks!

If you have been considering purchasing a hot tub, selecting a self-cleaning model with leading technology, such as Hydropool, will significantly reduce your maintenance tasks over the lifetime of your hot tub and ensure that the water is clean and ready to use anytime you feel like taking a relaxing soak.

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