How to Get Your Next Job in Five Easy Steps


Job hunting is not fun, but it can be fruitful if you know how to present yourself correctly. This means being prepared and being confident. You can get the job simply by being personable, or you can get it by being exactly what the company is looking for. When you job hunt, you need to know what you want. That way you can narrow down your list to options that you like. The more passionate you are about the job, the better. To land that job position you need to follow these five steps:

  • Find the Jobs You Want

Applying to everything you can won’t guarantee you a job, and it also won’t guarantee that you will be happy at whatever it is you get. You need to target your job search so that you can get a job that is both interesting to you, and one that fits your skill set. My Jobs Apps can help you find the position you want, from a team leader at Sam’s Club to beyond.

  • Brush Up on Your Resume

Once you have a list of places that you want to apply to, you need to revisit your resume. This means making sure that the resume is properly formatted, easy to read, and is succinct. Hiring managers will spend a lot of time going through resumes, so you need to make sure that when they quickly scan through your resume, they can spot all the key reasons you are perfect for the job.

  • Do Your Research Beforehand

Every single position you apply to should be researched. This means not only reading up on what the position entails if you haven’t done it before, it also means reading up on the company itself. Companies generally want to hire those with the same values as them. Knowing their history and even drafting a list of questions for them can help you nail any interview you get.

  • Brush Up on Your Interview Skills

Not every resume you send out will result in an interview, which is why you can use the time to prepare even further. When you do get an interview, you need to not only be prepared to answer any questions they have, but to also engage them. A good interview will set you apart from the rest, as will a good email and good summary at the start of your resume.

Essentially, try to tailor each point of contact, from your application email, to your resume, to even your interview to fit with what the job description says and what the company is looking for.

Not every interview will be successful, but the more you put yourself out there and the more practice you have, the better. Ask for feedback in follow-up emails so that you can improve after every rejection. Everyone faces rejection. The point is to persevere and to repeat these five steps until you get it right, and find the perfect match with you.

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