iOS 9 Gives New Opportunities For Users As Well As Developers

Remember the long waiting queue of people who were waiting to buy an iPhone 6. With this no one can deny the fact that iOS is one of the most in demand operating system.  It seems that Apple has all over again captured the hearts of the user again with iOS 9 which was launched a month ago.

This can be seen from the overwhelming response of the users, as they have made iOS9 as the fastest adopted operating system ever. Just after a few days of launch, the operating system was installed by more than half of the Apple handheld device users.

“iOS 9 delivers on the attributes Apple is already well known for: innovation, solid design, stability and performance,” adds Michael deAgonia from Computerworld’s, “Given all of the welcome additions, what is most remarkable is how fluid and responsive the OS remains. The fact that it works on devices that are now several years old is a boon, and for those with newer hardware, it’s a clear winner.”

Talking about the latest updates it offers some of the advanced features: 

  •   Enhanced functionalities which supports Multitasking iPad
  •   Search
  •   3D Touch
  •   Low Power Mode
  •   Replay Kit
  •   GameplayKit
  •   Extension Point
  •   App Thinning
  •   Watch Connectivity
  •   App Transport Security
  •   Deprecated API’s
  •   Swift Enhancements

iPad Multitasking

This feature of iPad focuses on the fact that it is focused more on creating content and make it a professional tool for that. IOS 9 users will be enable tablet users to work in Multitasking mode. It works in two modes which is dependent on the model of the iPhone which you are using: the first one it is “Slide Over ” and the other one is the “Split View”.  Using the first approach allows the users to use an app along with the active widget of another program on an other browser screen and it  works on devices launched after iPad Air and iPad Mini 2.  The second approach is the “Split View” which enables the users to use two applications simultaneously on a split screen which users can adjust as per their needs.

Low Power Mode

Battery is something which is one of the most important concerns of smartphones nowadays. Due to this fact, Apple has introduced Battery options and  Low Battery mode under its settings. To know about the details of your battery you need to know how much power was used and what was the source of power consumption.

After activating the Low Power button the indicator for battery turns yellow and you won’t receive the notifications. As soon as this mode is switched on , all the downloadings are stopped and motion effects and animation effects gets disabled. Apart from this the system also reminds the users about the dropping level of battery.

According to Apple this new feature allows devices to run to extend the running time for about 3 hours and there are other functionalities in the system which has also extended battery life your phone.

Multitasking Enhancements for iPad

All the alterations made by Apple are for iPads only and as a result this has delivered incredible performance results. Developers need to be a little careful while planning the resource usage of the app as it supports preemptive memory which is under pressure.

Size classes are advised to those who do not want their app to look broken in front of the users who tries to find our multitasking features (Split Over, Split Over, etc). For more you need to find out AV Foundation API or AVKit in order to support users for those who support Picture in Picture.

3D Touch

3D touch enables the users to carry on all the app related actions from the Home screen. Using numerous pressures they are able to perform functions such as open a new tab, work on related things and preview something. There is a UITouch force properties enables the developers to add a customized user interaction which is depends on the force in their app.

The APIs used for implementing this feature are:

  •     UIApplicationShortcutItem
  •     UIViewControllerPreviewing
  •     WKWebView
  •     UIPreviewActionItem
  •     UIPreviewAction


This is an incredible feature which allows the users to access information from your app and also get personal search results to the users. Apart from providing high user functionality Apple manages to ensure privacy to its users via its server-side and Private on-device  index. In order to incorporate this framework they have implemented CoreSpotlight.framework. In order to add high class search functionality to the user, you need to use NSUserActivity class, Universal links and Web markups.


This advancement in iOS 9 is for the developers as this gives them the leverage to enhance the gaming experience of their website.

It comes with a lot of tool kits to improve the user experience of your games. One such tool kit it GameplayKit framework which comprises of tools for which induces unpredictability to your game.

It also comprises of a standard implementation of common gameplay algorithms. Apart from that their are other tool kits such as SceneKit, SpriteKit, ReplayKit which provide comprehensive and extensive tools for developing incredible games for the developers.

Final thoughts!

IOS 9 has certainly taken the users as well as the iOS app developers to a new level. With such a huge fan following in, such as short span of time we can certainly make out  that it has the mettle and will emerge stronger in the market.

About the Author-

This is Amanda Cline and am working as a senior developer with Xicom Technologies Ltd- a leading mobile apps design and development company.  You can hire ios developers her for successful execution of varied mobile apps development projects, both simple as well as complex ones. Get in touch with her via Twitter or Facebook. When not busy developing great iOS apps, I feel proud in blogging and rendering IT support to individuals and enterprises.

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