Know and Avoid the SEO Traps to Maintain your Ranking in 2016

It is important to stay relevant, to know and understand the latest SEO tactics that are in vogue in 2016. This knowledge is mandatory for keeping your website competitive. The world of SEO is truly dynamic and SEO is constantly undergoing rapid changes. During the last four years, the tactics used for ranking better have actually evolved drastically. We have already got news of Google Penguin going real-time. Thanks to this update drastic changes are anticipated in the already dynamic world of SEO. Penguin is an effective filter that would be capturing sites which have been spamming Google’s search engine results so far. Penguin filter would be running and catching sites deemed spammy. These sites would be penalized and would remain so even though they have changed and improved until the filter is run the next time and that could be taking, at least, a few months. You should prepare yourself so that you could avoid the numerous SEO moves which could make you fall into trouble. Here are some of the traps you need to avoid.

Link Building

In February 2015 John Mueller of Google informed that webmasters must avoid link building as it is unnatural. However, recently it has been clarified by Google that selling, buying or asking for links seems to be okay as long as one does not violate the Guidelines provided by Google Webmaster. You must examine your present link building approach to make sure whether you are violating the guidelines or not. You could otherwise, be penalized by Google.

Unsatisfactory User Experience

Google takes into consideration the User Experience while visiting your site. A poor user experience has the potential to dramatically damage or adversely affect the search engine ranking. The search engine would go on analyzing the way users actually interact with your website. Any instance of bad user experience is definitely going to devalue you. If users click away quickly or go back again to the Google’s search result page for exploring other sites then it is supposed to be a red flag as the website is not adequately equipped to satisfy users’ queries. You must optimize your site for enhanced user experience and make sure that it is able to fulfill a requirement. Keep your website easily navigable, visually attractive & appealing, updated consistently with top quality content. Contact a reputed company providing social media marketing Mumbai for your SEO solutions.

Lacking Content Generation

You must remember that original or fresh content would be a decisive factor in determining the SEO rankings of 2016. Do not entertain any misconception that if you update the website with only one or maybe two posts per month, it is enough for you to get a good ranking. Provide a broad spectrum of fresh content that would be catering to the clients’ requirements.

Try to come up with, at least, one or two new posts every week to keep your site up-to-date. This can help you rank higher in Google, based on its freshness factor. Steady content generation would fetch you a higher ranking based precisely on the freshness factor. Fresh content would help in building better user engagement as well.

Low-Quality Content

Low-quality content is just not acceptable. Generating a unique content is the most effective way of optimizing your site for Google’s search engine. Create relevant content for the visitors. The content should be valuable and useful to the visitors only then, you could end up getting a higher ranking.


Google is becoming smarter day by day at handling all the tricks which are used by certain webmasters for achieving better rankings. Finding spamming sites and loopholes may have been instrumental in the manipulation of search engine rankings. No unethical tactics would be effective anymore. You must start making vital modifications for avoiding any future SEO 2016 traps. Start making important changes so that you can avoid any future issues.