Tips for Running a Blog While Studying

Blogs are great. So much of what your read on the internet now is information from a blog. With sites like WordPress out there, it’s never been easier. Whether you want a basic free blog, or you want to go self-hosted, giving you much greater control and more options to monetize, it couldn’t be easier to get started. However, while you’re studying you might be worried you won’t have time to make a good job of it, or that it might take your attention away from your studies. Well there are certainly ways you can do both, and even link them together.


This is going to be key: prioritize your time. Obviously, your studies have got to come first. Anything important, do before you even look at your blog. I’ve always found blogging sucks me in. I’ll go online to tweak one small thing, next thing I know it’s been four hours and I’ve rearranged all my menus. Consider keeping a diary to really plan your time, as with assignments changing it will be different week to week.

Blog About Something Relevant to What You Study

Combine the two. People always say, write what you know. For example, if you’re studying to be a nurse, write a blog about it. Or at least have a section devoted to either your studies and experiences, or key medical issues. This is a subject you know inside out, you’ll write with more knowledge and passion, your readers will love it. You might even find that through research for blog posts, and writing articles, you learn more about your chosen field. Also if you do decide you want to use your blog to make money, you could potentially earn enough to pay for further study, perhaps via an msn online, and use your blog pieces as a portfolio to help you get there.

Use Your Connections

A great tip for bloggers is to always interview people. They make great features, really informative and personal. As a student, you’ll have some great connections, either with fellow students, who could talk about their courses and experiences, what they hope to achieve, or with lecturers and tutors, who could offer you a wealth of experience and knowledge. Even if you’re studying a masters of nursing online, you’ve still got connections, so send that email.

Also use people you know to test your blog out, get them to read it and offer you feedback on everything from your writing style to functionality. If you know anyone doing a design course, get them in to help with the graphics, they’ll love the exposure.

Studying and blogging do go together really well, and as long as you organize your time, they can really help each other out. Share your experience and wisdom with the world, you might find you not only help yourself, but you help a lot of other students in the same situations as you. You might even make some vital connections for when you finish studying. But remember, studying should always come first!