Top 10 Creative Apps for Graphic Designers


As a graphic designer, one of the best ways to improve time management (while enhancing creativity) is through mobile apps. Of course, with millions of apps to choose from–there are plenty that’ll be worth your time. Being a graphic designer, you never know when inspiration may hit. The last thing you want is to lose your idea simply because you have no place to record it. Then, there are the business tasks, which–as much as we hate them–need to be handled. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 creative apps for graphic designers.

Infinite Design

This is a breathtaking app, which uses vector graphics. In fact, you can use the app to create pieces on your tablet or smartphone. The good news is the app also has a free version, which includes infinite layers, an infinite canvas and an infinite undo and redo system. In addition, some of the layer options include:

  • Merge
  • Flip
  • Split
  • Duplicate

You can even save your work as a JPEG. If you do get the full version, you can save your images as PNG, PSD or SVG.


FX Photo Studio

This enthralling photo editing app comes with over 190 filters–take that Snapchat! Imagine all the ways you can modify a photo. Moreover, it features standard editing tools, textures, text labels and sharing options.

Zen Brush

Sometimes, you just need a sketchpad. Well, you can do just that and more with Zen Brush. Furthermore, this app comes with 64 paper templates and three ink shades. When you need to make a sketch on the run, this is the app to use.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

As a graphic designer, you’re probably already quite familiar with Adobe. As a result, this app won’t give you much of a learning curve. It comes with all of the popular drawing tools and features from Adobe Ideas. You can also use it for layered and flat artwork.

Filmic Pro

This app lets you take masterful videos on the go with its mobile HD video camera. In addition, you can lock exposure, focus and white balance individually. Not to mention, it has different frame rates, audio support, motion FX and professional grade 50 mbps image quality setting.

Font Candy

It’s hard to believe this app is free. Take heed app development companies! With Font Candy, you can create captions and overlay them onto photos. What makes it unique is it comes with hand-picked fonts, as well as a built-in camera with a timer. Say hello to the perfect selfie. Plus, all of your images can be easily shared on any of your social media accounts.

3D Mark

This benchmarking tool has been around since the 1990s, but now, you can get it in app form! It’s quite helpful to run 3D benchmarking tests on your mobile device. You’ll get to see mock-ups of any 3D game, which are full of detail. When done, you also have an understanding of how good your device is at simulating 3D physics.


This is quite the handy app if you’re needing a bit of inspiration. It gives you access to Pantone color libraries right from your device. You can also build and share Pantone palettes or export them to Adobe Creative Suite. Plus, you can extract colors from photographs.


This is a digital moleskine for drawing up your next masterpiece. You can also add virtual books to organize your ideas. If you wanted, you could add up to three layers. Moreover, it has customizable brush types for painting, sketching, coloring or writing notes. You can then share your pieces directly to Facebook or save them as PNGs.


Doodle Buddy

This is a fun app that only requires your finger. There are 44,000 colors to choose from which can be used as chalk, text, a glitter pen or a paint brush. You can also switch from freehand to utilizing a stencil. It’s no frills, but oh so enjoyable.


There you have it, our list of the top 10 creative apps for graphic designers. Which ones will you be using today?

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