Top 5 WordPress Multilingual Plugins

There are so many countries in our world and if you have any plans to extend your business globally, then you’re right on track. Here in this post, I will give you a description of 5 most popular WordPress Multilingual Plugins. However, before going into those, I would like to give the significance of multilingual plugins for your WordPress website.

Why You Need A Multilingual Plugin For Your Website?

While reading this post, many of you might think that is it really necessary to have a Multilingual facility on a website. Here I am not saying that you must use it, if you don’t have an audience in the parts of the world where English is not very well known, then, of course, you don’t need a Multilingual Plugin for your website.

However, if you wish to extend your business to these parts of the world, then I reckon that you need these type of plugins in your WordPress website. Also, in addition to that, I believe that having a multilingual plugin can always be beneficial to the amount of traffic you receive after your extensive hard work on the SEO of your website. You don’t want to deny a heavy traffic just because of a language barrier.

So, I recommend all of those who provide informative blogs to the internet users and those who want to extend their business in the non-native English speaking countries to go for a multilingual feature.

In a WordPress website, achieving that is very simple. All you need to know is how to install and activate a WordPress plugin. It is as simple as this.

Let’s get started with the list of top 5 WordPress Multilingual Plugin,

1. Goo Translate Widget

With Goo Translate Widget, increase your reachability to the global level. It is a 100% free translation tool by Google to translate your WordPress website. This tool makes sure that you represent your website in their native language. This helps you to connect effectively with your visitor. This can be highly effective in rapport building.

Some of its features are,

• With this tool, you can easily put the power of Google translation with a simple lightweight widget.

• It is highly compatible with Google analytics. You can track the translated traffic easily.

• You don’t need to insert any manual translation.

• It doesn’t require any coding skill.

• There are no shortcodes. It is acting directly on your entire website.

2. Ceceppa Multilingua

Unlike other WordPress translation plugin, Ceceppa Multilingua is a plugin that helps you to manage the content of your website in multiple languages. This plugin just doesn’t translate the website automatically. In spite of that, it allows you to write in different languages.

Some of its features are,

• Manage the same content in multiple languages and also the URLs of the web page.

• It also manages the unique URLs for each language in an SEO friendly nature.

• It allows you to check the content language which is translated via simple flags in the dashboard.

• You can also customize widgets for each language.

3. Gtranslate- Google Translate

Gtranslate is also powered by Google. It is yet another free translator tool by Google for WordPress websites. It has around 103 languages that make it one of the most popular translator Plugin for WordPress. It has two variants. One is Free and the other is Paid. The Paid one also gives SEO compatibility to your translated content.

Some of its features are,

• Consist of free “Google Automatic Machine Translation”.

• It also allows you to hide the “Suggest Better Translation” option from your WordPress website.

• Its machine translation is with human level translation quality.

• Highly compatible with WooCommerce and Yoast SEO.

4. Multilanguage by BestWebSoft

Multilanguage is one of the best multilingual WordPress plugins that can easily translate your content in any language. After translation, it is all very simple to put the translated content in any of your page, post, menus, widgets, taxonomies and custom post types.

Some of its features are,

• It is easy to create separate menus for different languages with this plugin.

• You can also switch languages in accordance with the IP address of your viewer’s IP address.

• You can easily translate the admin dashboard also.

• More than 80 languages to choose from which covers more than 75% of the total languages.

5. Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator is not an official Google WordPress plugin for translation. It is designed to cater your viewer multilingual content in the simplest way ever. All you need to do is install and activate this plugin and start translating the content in different languages.

Some of its features are,

• It supports 80+ languages which are powered by Google Translate.

• It is well known for its fast and accurate translation. It has a very simple setup process too.

• It caters your viewer with an option to switch between the languages or the entire range of 80+ languages available in the Google translate.

• You can also turn off the Google Branding if you want. (That’s why I love this plugin!!!)

Wrapping it up

So, these are the WordPress translation plugins that can help you to translate your WordPress content into multiple languages. This can help you immensely to grow your business worldwide even if their native language is different. Allow me to show you those plugins again in a quick recap,

• Goo Translate Widget

• Ceceppa Multilingua

• Gtranslate – Google Multilanguage

• Multilanguage- by BestWebSoft

• Google Language Translator

I hope you like the list I gave you. If you have any views about these plugins, let me know via comments. Till then, Cheers!!!

Author Bio:

Kylee Brown is a WordPress Trainer by profession and Writer by hobby. She has been providing best wordpress training in Singapore. She has done lots of creative works in the field of WordPress. She has written multifold blogs and articles that present strategic designing, development and marketing tips for websites.