Top Tips on How Hotel Companies Can Include Multiple Languages On A Website

When creating a hotel website what businesses need to work on is how to entice customers to buy their products. An online site is something that can be beamed across the world giving customers from abroad the chance to book rooms. To help them out companies must provide online content in a range of different languages. Many websites make the mistake of focusing on one language such as English, but it is vital to make a site multi-lingual. Whether a firm is large or small its presence on the web can be massive. It should choose a few world languages that would suit the products they are selling and the markets they are targeting.

In technical terms a company would be advised to include the content written in the foreign language on a separate subdomain or it can be controlled by a cookie or session. Most of the website’s code should remain the same that runs on UTF-8, which is a useful encoding scheme. This supports many languages and it is a good choice for languages such as French, German, English and Italian. The translation process is a very important part of this situation as companies need to ensure that what is put online is absolutely correct. There are things that translators should look out for such as using the right currency symbols.

What they should also think about is the numeric formatting of dates and prices. A potential customer wants to be attracted into booking a room and not have to think too much about how much they are paying in their own currency or any other details. Businesses need to also consider the design of a multilingual website including how companies show there are a number of languages available. A firm must work out how customers can change to their preferred language. They could create a default language according to the IP address and then provide options on the page for visitors to choose according to what they speak.

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Something that companies need to consider is where they want to put their languages. They have to decide whether they want to have it at the bottom or the top of the web page. There could be a dropdown menu of languages for travellers to choose from on a hotel website. There could also be flags that represent the country and main language that is spoken there. However a company wants to add languages to its online site is totally down to the customer journey. A great website design will make it clear where the language section should appear.