Captivating Illustrations Of Artistic Typography T-Shirt Designs


Being an ideal way of transmitting messages, t-shirts can be the perfect medium to showcase your amazing and fun designs. These days, witty statements printed on t-shirts get a lot of popularity among the youth. As a result, typography plays a major role in the appearance of t-shirts and if used properly, it can give a unique appeal to the wearer. The vital thing for your typography design is to get the message right. You can play with words, use funny jokes or any popular quotes or sayings while designing your t-shirts.

Considered as a great art, typography may sound easy but it is a skill that requires the person to analyze the concept behind the words being used. The message is delivered not only by the words but also through the image that they create as a whole. The purpose why typography is being used is important and creates unique design.

When using typography for designing your t-shirts, you need to pay special attention to the typeface used for delivering unique designs. Typography represents modesty but words can be extremely powerful for sending exceptional messages to people reading them. Though typography is a complicated art, still there are some easy tips that can be used for getting out of the box designs. Some of them are listed below:

  • Try to choose only one font at a time and use bold & italics for creating hierarchy.
  • If you are using long texts, then try distinct distances between sentences for viewing what looks great.
  • Modify the space between letters for getting varied effects.
  • Be wise while choosing a typeface so that it matches your sentence.
  • Review the design before getting it finally printed and do modifications if needed.

In this article, we have collected some of our favorite typography designs. Let’s have a glimpse:

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise. It is impressive to see designers playing with words. The perfect blend of typography and quote, the designer has the knowledge of keyword and knows very well how to allure customers.

This is the perfect example of how fonts can be utilized in a graphic way. The alphabet “a” has been stretched out in such a manner that it no longer looks like a letter. A specific kind of printer is required for doing this kind of job.

This t-shirt is designed in a way that it includes almost everyone’s favorite typefaces like Gill Sans, Helvetica, Interstate and many others.

This stylish font along with textured fabric on this t-shirt is sure to give a vintage effect. It is the perfect example of how typography can be utilized to elicit an era.

These days, almost everyone wishes to own one vintage look t-shirt. When you opt for this kind of design, remember to design lettering beautifully with lively colors. You can also make use of complimentary colors for design as well as garment. After the creation is done, you can print the design using DTG or screen printing.

A perfect blend of typography and background image can be witnessed in this t-shirt. People always get attracted towards simple design instead of complicated one. In order to get the best effect with this combination, ensure to use images that are of top quality

In this t-shirt, you can see how beautifully the designer has made use of typography where the letters are slowly falling apart. Awesome usage of colors, this t-shirt is sure to give you a stylish look.

This is an awesome illustration of typography where letters are interlinking with one another. The usage of font for writing this exceptional quote not only gives a fascinating appeal to the users but also leaves a beautiful message.

A perfect illustration of contrast, it is almost next to impossible for anyone not to concentrate on a white element if it is not encircled by black. If you really wish to make something extraordinary, then white font on top of a black t-shirt can be the perfect option.

Tell everyone about your talent by wearing a t-shirt printed with Art Is Work on it. As it can be seen, curvy font has been used for designing this t-shirt that is sure to differentiate you from others.

In a Nutshell

So, it can be said that typography forms a small part of t-shirt design puzzle. If you are clueless from where to start, then try experimenting with font pairings and typefaces for creating your taste and judgment. No matter whatever you read, nothing can replace your personal experience. Thus, if you are interested in designing your own t-shirts using typography, then you can go through the examples shown above to get some idea.

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