How To Print On T-shirt Professionally With A Heat Press Machine

When someone says that you can’t do that, it’s more a reflection and signs of their limitations. If you want to fly you will have wings and you will be able to spread your wings and gain success.

Release your fears and worries and start acting right now. Instead of paying others and hiring professionals you can print on your T-shirts yourself. If you do it yourself you can later tell your friend that it was you who did that, you can also stop worrying as you will save your money.

You can also start good business and make huge money. It is one of the worth things that you can do in the USA.

For doing that first you must know T-Shirt printing techniques and have place where you can put the tolls, press machine, etc. When you run a company you can print hundreds of T-Shirts with different designs.

One of the important things here is to always concentrate on design and improve your brand. Your responsibilities here will include taking orders, print the T-Shirts fold, arrange and give them to the clients.

There are 3 ways of printing T-Shirts
1. Heat Press
2. Screen printing
3. DTG

From these printers it I better to choose heat press machine. If you are a novice here spend as little money as possible as it is the key point in the success of this business. Buy more equipment after your study. You will also get more information while practicing T-Shirt printing in your work.

Advantages Of The Heat Machines

The heat machine is simply for you if you need good looking colors and fast. Buying that you won’t be messy inks. This machine is a tool that permits us to press different images onto T-shirts and other items. It works like an iron but comparing with that it provides more heat. It is a modern printer that work with no-fuss way. It is a good alternative to screen printing. There is no obvious difference between the Heat and screening machine. Clients never can distinguish them.

The business owners can benefit using the heat machine as it easy to use and affordable to all people. If the customer apply to the company that works with T-Shirt screening machine then she will definitely order it with large quantity as otherwise it will be too expensive. In case with the heat machine customers can order one more as it is affordable for all.

A professional heat press has versatility. It makes multi-tasking easier, The accessories of these equipments helps to heat print large and small garments time, temperature, and pressure settings.

It has time and temperature settings and offers good pressure that leads to the quality result. For your business, getting the best heat press machine will be the right choice.

Equipments You Need To Print On T-shirts:
Here is the list of equipments that you should have as a printing agency.

  • Scoop Coater
  • Photo Emulsion Kit
  • Plane of Glass
  • Silk-Screen
  • Degreaser
  • Exposure unit
  • Gloves
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Squeegee
  • Ink

By the heat press you can you can press T-shirts, mugs, caps, ceramic plates, lettering, wood, crystals, total bags and much more. The shirts can include different types like nylon, cotton, 100% polyester, polyester blends, etc.
The usage of it is simple. You must turn on the power by turning on/off switch, rotate the thermostat knob right until there is a red light, turn it back to the left and wait the light to turn off when the thermometer shows the desired temperature for your transfer. This machine’s light will go on and off to control the temperature you want. If it has timer then push it to start and push stop when you hear the alarm, raise the knob to open the press and put the T-Shirt.
If you already bought it, here are the 3 steps for printing a T-Shirt.

3 Steps To Print On Your Shirts With A Heat Press

1. First you must choose your transfer. For that you can push onto the t-shirt print your own by one. For printing the transfer you must choose an image that needs to be printed and make changes if you want by using editing program.

Print it with an ink jet printer on a special transfer paper vinyl. These jets are good on white or light-colored shirts. For printing your own use an ink jet printer. If you want you can also trim it focusing on the main shape.
2. You must open the press, raise the knob and open the press. Platen must be away from the silicone pad and keep the press open while it heats. Then modify the temperature by pushing the button and waiting for the press to heat up.

Once you have temperature you want turn it until the light turns off. In several cases you need to set a temperature from 350 – 375F. You also need to modify the pressure by pressing the pressure knob. In this way you can increase and decrease pressure. The level of the pressure depends on the thickness of the item.

And if your equipment has time function set it. You need to hold it for a while. There is also a button to increase or decrease the time. The time depends on the type of transfer. Fewer hours demanding types are ink jet and laser copier transfer paper and you will set the time from 45 to 60 if you use die cut lettering.
3. In this final step you must place your t-shirt onto the plate. Make sure your wanted part is there inside the pressing area including the silicone pad and heat pad. You can cover the transfer if your machine does not have protecting pad.

This way your transfer will be safe. After these acts close the press and push the start button. Then open it and remove the shirt. Remove the paper off of the fabric while it is still hot. Your desired image should be printed onto the shirt.
Bottom Line:

Now you know all the print related techniques and can do it alone. For becoming a professional you must read all about it. As you know the most important points of painting you can start experimenting to gain success. If others can, why can’t you?