Iconic Design: 5 Things to Know About the Blazer Coat

What if there was a coat that was good for nearly every situation? What if there was a coat that was good in the cold, suitable for interviews, stylish at weekend parties, and could easily be worn with many clothes? What if that coat was also really affordable? Is there such a coat? Am I lying?

Luckily, I am not. There is such a coat. That coat is the blazer and the blazer lives up to everything I just said. The blazer has been an icon in fashion since the early 1800s for the reasons previously mentioned. Blazer coats have amazing shape, and are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing anyone can own. Putting on a blazer can instantly dress up an outfit, while also making one look casual and stylish at the same time.

With this in mind, here are 5 things to know about the Blazer:

  • The Blazer Originated from Rowing Teams in England

There seem to be numerous theories of how the blazer got its name. However, to narrow things down, the blazer as we know it today seems to have evolved from competitive rowing in England. Competitive rowers at Oxford and Cambridge wore loose fitting jackets to help protect them from the cold. Soon enough, the jackets became popular and spectators at the World Rowing Championships were soon able to identify their particular teams based on the colors of these blazer jackets. The word “blazer” came during these competitive competitions when some crowd members at a competition yelled “look at those blazing red jackets” for a Cambridge team that were dressed in red jackets. The word just stuck and people all over England began to use this terminology and that’s how the blazer was born.

  • There are More Fabric Options with Blazers then You Might Think

Tweed and Wool blazers are the most popular choices for fabrics but there are several different fabrics for blazers. Most of these fabrics are washable but some aren’t and have to be dry-cleaned. I would go out on a limb and also say that there are hundreds of colors of blazers. This further adds to the versatility of the blazer.

  • There are Two Main Types of Blazers

Single breasted and double breasted are the two main types of blazers available in the market. Single-breasted blazers are jackets that feature 2-3 buttons and have a more casual looking lapel (part of the jacket that folds back on itself). Double-breasted jackets, in contrast, are jackets that have 4-6 buttons and have a more formal looking lapel. Just like with formal jackets, blazer jackets that feature the single breasted look are more versatile than their counterpart double-breasted jackets. This is because they can complement both a short and tall stature and can be worn more casually. Although, the single-breasted style of jacket is more versatile, both are a great option.

  • Blazers are One of the Most Comfortable Jackets Out There

Blazers are soft and have a nice non-rigid flex to them. In addition to this, most people wear an unbuttoned blazer with a nice shirt and some comfortable slacks or even jeans. Thus if you are rocking the blazer, you are most likely going to be very comfortable.

  • As Mentioned Before, Blazers=Versatile

I am not going to go into too much detail about the different shirt, pant and shoe combinations that you can arrange to make the blazer more formal or less formal but the fact remains that the blazer goes with almost everything. Due to this, you could go to a wedding reception in the day, and switch your pants and shoes and be at a ball game at night. For this reason, blazers should be synonymous with versatile.


The versatility, comfortability, and range of blazers that you can buy make it an absolute powerhouse in the fashion industry. Blazers are considered suitable attire for casual, business, and formal events. This versatility combined with the rich history of the blazer truly makes it an icon of design.

About the Author

Brandon King has been in the fashion industry for 7 years after graduating from Baylor University in Fashion Design with a Bachelor’s.  He has worked as a Production Assistant, Production Manager, and now freelance writes about his experiences in the fashion world.  If you want to contact him, you can do so on his LinkedIn.

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