What Makes a Look Pop?

Not all of us are born with an innate sense of style. In fact, left on our own, some of us might be right at the top of the worst dressed list. If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place. You need to make the effort to look like you put a bit of thought into your look. How do you do that though? Let’s take a look at a few tips and items of clothing that can make your look pop… in a good way.

Style Defined… For You

If you have issues trying to determine which shirt will go well with the pants you pull out of the closet today, you might consider getting a bit of help from one of your friends or family members who does have a sense of style. However, if there is no one with that ability in your realm of acquaintances, you can turn to a place that always seems to have the answers – the Internet. Just go to Google and use their image search to find the style of a celebrity whose look you admire. Some popular ones might include:

·  Adam Levine

·  David Beckham

·  Chris Hemsworth

Save the images that have the look you want to achieve and try to match that look.

Have a Budget

You might be the type to go out and buy a lot of T-shirts with various logos or sayings on them. If this is the case, you might want to limit shopping for your wardrobe to once a year. You don’t need to be big on shopping or even a fashion icon. Cap what you spend on yourself. Choose an amount that will fit your budget and that you have in cash. This will keep you from accruing credit card debt on your way to getting the best men’s performance wear. This will include dress shirts, as well as everything else you need to be comfortable and look great.

Go Shopping

Once you have your pictures to work from and you have set your budget, you will be ready to go out and buy the clothes you need. You should break your style down into two categories:

·  What you already own

·  What you need to buy

For example, if you already own a ton of black t-shirts, common sense will tell you that you don’t need any more of them. What you might need though, is a shirt or three that fit into the category of business casual. This will include button down shirts that will look great whether you wear them to the office or out to the bar with the guys. These shirts should be comfortable and easy to care for.

Choosing Jeans

No matter if you are the sloppiest man in the world or the best dressed, jeans will be a staple in your wardrobe. However, few men take the effort and time to find a pair that look great while having an amazing fit. Try to stay away from getting the really cheap jeans and go for one of the higher end brands, like Nudie Jeans Co. Yes, the top men’s jeans will be expensive, but not only will they last you longer, they will actually feel and look better the more thoroughly and longer you wear them. Their inky, dark color will fade over time and this will leave fantastic-looking crease marks and even scuffs wherever you wear them the hardest.


No outfit is complete without accessories, especially if you really want your look to pop. One of the best accessories that a man can use is a watch. Not only are they useful, they also give you a great look – if, you have the right one. For example, you wouldn’t want to wear a cheap-looking watch on a night out. Alternatively, you wouldn’t want to wear a Rolex on a daily basis, for example, at work or at the gym. Use common sense here to find a watch that matches your style.

Don’t Forget the Socks!

One thing that is easy to overlook is socks. Most guys get black or white and leave it at that. However, a guy who actually uses his socks as a way to add a bit of color to whatever he is wearing can make him seem to have a much classier look while still being refined and showing a bit of personality.

What Makes a Look Pop?

Not all of us are born with an innate sense of style. In fact, left on our own, some of us might be right at ...