When the blood supply is interrupted to the brains for at least two minutes - this leads to permanent damage. E \'are vital to prevent the violation of the circulation in the brains for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended to prepare the juice from different varieties of cabbage: cabbage, red, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage. This plant is very rich in potassium and phosphorus. The highest concentration of these salts is registered sprouts. Carotene is present only in the green parts of browse around lamisil this web-site the coal, which is a relatively high content of ascorbic kisloty.Voda than any other agent, that binds us to a world in which nature. After all, the water we drink and the water flowing in our body - is the same water flowing in the rivers, which have been frozen snowy mountains. It is the same water that the water and the mountain courses, which flows into the sea. It is the same as the water over the clouds, collected rain.

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