Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Dining Room – Without Spending a Fortune

Having an elegant, upmarket dining room is a true sign that you’ve become a real, fully functioning grown up. Gone are the days of eating ready meals off your lap in front of the TV. When you’ve got a gorgeous dining room, every meal feels like a function at a smart restaurant. Plus, it gives you the confidence to host dinner parties, and have friends over for dinner. You want this glamorous, elegant room, but how do you get it without spending a small fortune? Is it possible to create a similar look for much less? Well, in a nutshell: yes. You don’t need to spend loads of money on unique pieces or couture fashion. You just need to know what tricks to try, and how to accessorize.

Table and chairs

If you can afford to buy a solid oak dining set, then do it. Having a magnificent table and chair set will instantly create an impression of class. However, for a high quality, heavy piece of wood, you could be set back thousands of dollars. Instead, look for a replica set: there are many pieces that look similar and give off the same vibe. Or, if you’ve got plenty of outdoor space and you love a good creative project, then try upcycling an old, preloved dining set. You can usually pick up tables and chairs that have seen better days for not much money. Once you’ve gotten to work with some sandpaper and nice paint, you’ll have a gorgeous set of furniture, for a fraction of your budget.


One of the easiest, simplest ways to enhance any room’s look and feel is by investing in dining room lighting. You’ll be able to hide any blemishes or faults with dim lighting, or show off areas you’re proud of with spotlights. Plus, elegant, ornate lampshades can act as a great talking point or centerpiece in the room. Choose bulbs with a soft, yellowish tone for a warm, cozy environment. Or for a light that resembles natural light more, go for brighter, whiter tones. You can even buy bulbs that change color, meaning you can set the mood exactly how you want it.


When it comes down to it, everything in your dining room can be covered up. If you can’t afford to buy a nice table or don’t have the time to upcycle an old one – invest in a smart tablecloth and runner. Pairing these two items up will make any table look super smart and ready for a dinner party. You should try to choose a tablecloth in muted shades, with the runner’s color enhancing and picking out any secondary colors in your design palette.

Likewise, pay attention to detail. Furnish your table with fresh flowers, arranged in pretty vases. You can normally find unique vases in second hand or thrift shops. Add candles in polished candle holders – and you’re pretty much there. When it comes to choosing table mats, coasters and plates, try to coordinate them. They don’t need to be completely matching, but they should at least use the same color schemes. These small details go a long way in creating the kind of atmosphere and feel you want.