The Ultimate List of Tips For Setting Up Your Startup Office

You’ve worked so hard and it’s finally happening. You’re setting up your own HQ. Sweet! Still, even though it’s a happy occasion it can be quite demanding and a tad stressful as there are many factors and things to consider. Sure, many startups are probably thinking they need only the bare minimum. But, if you give it a second thought, you’ll realize that a cozier office with a homier feel to it can boost employees’ productivity and overall efficiency. Everyone will feel more positive and inclined to work, especially you. The perks of having some extravagant amenities can be a vent for your workers and yourself. Here are a couple of tips on how to set up in the best possible way.


Even though establishing some kind of office “statute” might seem redundant in a way or too early at this stage, it’s not. People need to know what’s what. What kind of an example do you want to set and what does your business stand for? Once you’ve answered these questions, set some ground rules that you want your employees to abide by. These rules don’t have to be etched in stone, and you’ll probably adjust them as your business expands and you hire more people, but it’s good to start with something on which you can build upon later on.

Happy Workers are More Productive

If you can afford some glitzy touches here and there, don’t hesitate. Walk a mile in your workers’ shoes: would you like to work in a boring office? Does it inspire creativity? So there’s your answer. Your employees will be more enthusiastic, productive, relaxed and hence better decision-makers if you give them some benefits like a play area, for instance. Apart from offering your employees free food and drinks, you can also have an area with ping-pong tables or a chillout zone equipped with a surround system and some beanbags. Or you can take it to the next level and offer them vending machines, game consoles, or hoverboards so that they can get around the office space. You can even set up a yoga area where they can stretch and de-stress. Of course, it all comes down to money and whether or not you have enough space.

Impressing the Clientele

Of course it depends on the type of business you’re running, but if it involves face-to-face communication with clients, then a showy office isn’t a luxury, it’s more of a necessity. Having a fancy schmancy office won’t be just beneficial for your workforce, but it’ll be appealing to all those potential clients that come your way too. If your official headquarters leave a nice first impression on them, then you can count on that they’ll spread the word. They’ll leave your office thinking: “This office is supercool and the employees seem really content. I wanna work with these guys.” And we all know that a satisfied client is the best word-of-mouth ad that you can ever hope to have.

Think in Bulk

In order to save up on office material (pens, sticky notes, paper) and whatever other things you might be needing in larger quantities, try to find discounts wherever you can. Consider buying from a wholesaler because you can get huge discounts.

One thing to consider here is that as your business grows so will the junk and some unnecessary things you won’t be needing anymore. There’s bound to be some of it that you’re going to be stuck with at the end of every month. So, what you might do is look up on some of the professional companies like Pinkjunk Junk Removal Sydney, for example. Companies like this one take care of everything from green waste to office supplies to old tech stuff. They’ll make sure that your office space is decluttered and that you can focus on what really matters – your business at hand.

Wrap up

So there you have it, dear entrepreneurs. These are some of the things that you might want to consider as you’re setting up your brand new office. And don’t be a perfectionist. Whatever you can’t afford now or whatever’s not doable at the moment, you can add it later. The bottom line is that your business prospers, and that your workers and you are happy and satisfied. Eventually everything else will fall into place.