5 must have MP3 downloader apps for your android

Do you love music? Or do you want to download the best musical app from variety of available MP3 apps on the web or Google play store? It is not really easy to find a free app with simple user interface, and huge library of songs.

Thus, when you are searching for the right MP3 downloader app, you really need to select the right one, the one that will enable you to download your favourite songs and listen to them on your android device anytime you wish. Here are 5 free mp3 music downloader apps for android you must have:

Wynk MP3 Music App

Wynk is a popular mp3 downloader app, which provides you with maximum options to select songs of different genre and languages. Are you fond of old retro songs, rock music or devotional songs? Then Wynk library might be of great help to you.

Besides, being an app for music download, wynk is also an amazing music player. It can help you to stream, download, and play your music offline at no cost. Some analysts have maintained that Wynk MP3 music app is the best player they have seen, which can help you to create playlists and streamline songs of your choice.

Zing MP3

Zing MP3 was developed by Zalo Group, and it is a household name in Vietnam. Zing MP3 is available both in English and Vietnamese languages. It is gradually becoming a market leader in messaging apps and state-of-the-art music. Highly compatible with chromecast and have the capacity to play any format of music.

Zing MP3 has a huge library of video and audio files. You can download as many music as possible, supports crossfade editing, free lyrics which can help you to play and listen to song of your choice.


Ganaa is one of the free downloader apps for android; it has a plethora of old retro, regional and Bollywood songs to download for free. Ganaa provides curated playlists of Bhangra, rock, romantic, devotional, Ghazals and playlists of sad songs. Besides a huge collection of these Hindi music, users can enjoy a wide range of US English songs. Daily music from all genres are added to it

Napster Music

There are catalogs of over 30 million songs in Napster music, which users can download and listen to. It’s a pleasant experience to use Napster. This app is in high demand in many places. You can subscribe for a comprehensive full month of trial.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music downloader is an app that enables you to download tracks using your Spotify user account. All you need to do is to put your spotify user account name, click on the playlist, choose your preferred tracks and then click on ‘start’. You won’t be required to use your password to authenticate it; instead all you need is just your user account name. It is simple and highly convenient.


Music is good for your health; it relaxes your mind especially after a hectic day. These downloader free apps would help you to download and share with your friends, associates or followers songs of your choice.

Kindly try these recommended free MP3 music downloader apps for androids, and tell us the one that works perfectly for you. If you also browse through the internet, you will see a wide range of reviews posted by both previous and current users of these apps. These apps are exclusively designed for you. You won’t regret using them.

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